Antitope Announces Protein Deimmunisation Research Agreement With Research Corporation Technologies

Published: Apr 23, 2013

Cambridge, UK, 22nd April 2012 - Antitope Ltd, UK ("Antitope") today announced a Research Agreement with Research Corporation Technologies Inc., USA ("RCT") to re-engineer a toxic protein warhead for the next generation of antibody drug conjugates (ADCs) using it's proprietary Composite Protein technology. The resulting "deimmunised" protein is expected to have a range of therapeutic applications especially in the treatment of cancers. Under the Agreement, Antitope will be eligible for research fees and subsequent milestone and royalty payments.

"We are delighted to have been chosen by RCT for this exciting collaboration to produce a novel therapeutic protein with a broad range of clinical applications." said Dr Matthew Baker, Chief Scientific Officer and co-founder of Antitope. "This collaboration, using Antitope's expertise in protein engineering and immunogenicity technologies, will assist RCT in progressing the new molecule to the clinical stage."

"We are pleased to be working with Antitope to deimmunise our protein warhead using their proven technology platform. RCT plans to partner the new warhead with companies interested in developing novel ADC products to treat cancer and other diseases" said Dr Kurt R Gehlsen, Chief Scientific Offier of RCT.

About Antitope

Antitope Ltd., is a privately-held Cambridge, UK based biotechnology company specialising in immunogenicity testing abd the engineering of therapeutic antibodies and proteins with reduced immunogenicty. Antitope's proprietary EpiScreen technology enables preclinical analysis of the potential for immunogenicity of therapeutic antibodies and proteins. Th eproprietary Compsoite Human Antibody and Compsoite Protein technology result in the generation of fully humanised antibodies and therapeutic proteins devoid of T cell epitopes. Antitope's proprietary Composite CHO technology results in the generation of high yielding manufacturing cell lines suitable for the direct transfer to GMP manufacturing. Antitope has established multiple commercial relationships withleading biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies worldwide.

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About Research Technology Corporation, Inc.

RCT is a Tucson, Arizona-based technology investment and management company that provides early-stage funding and development from promising biomedical companies and technologies. RCT focuses on technology investments with origins from universities and research institutions worldwide. RCT's technology portfolio includes platforms that support the discovery, development and manufacturing of therapeutics. Current platform technologies include Pichia and E. coli expression systems and novel binding scaffolds.

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