AngioChem Granted U.S. Patent for Transporting Drug Compounds across the Blood-Brain Barrier, Using Novel EPiC Technology

Published: Mar 14, 2011

MONTREAL--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Angiochem, Inc., a clinical stage biotechnology company, today announced that its second patent has been granted by the U.S. Patent and Trademark office. Patent number 7,902,156, is entitled “Aprotinin Polypeptides for Transporting a Compound Across the Blood-Brain Barrier”. This key patent covers the transport of drug compounds derived from Angiochem’s Engineered Peptide Compound (EPiC) technology, including compounds that contain small molecules, peptides and proteins. EPiC drugs have the potential to efficiently and effectively cross the blood-brain barrier (BBB) to treat a wide range of brain diseases and brain-related disorders, many of which represent unmet medical needs including brain cancers, pain management, diabetes, obesity and neurological disorders such as Parkinson’s disease.

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