Aloka's E-Flow Technology Provides a More Detailed 'Insertional Tendinopathy' Diagnosis than MRI According to Prof. Carlo Faletti

Published: Feb 22, 2011

Zug, Switzerland –22nd February 2011 - ALOKA Holding Europe AG, the innovator in ultrasound, is working with internationally renowned sports imaging specialist, Prof. Carlo Faletti of the Maria Adelaide Hospital, Turin (Italy). Working in partnership with ALOKA, Prof Faletti has been able to validate the benefits of using ultrasound over traditional technologies, like MRI (the reference technology), for the diagnosis of tendinitis – caused primarily by sporting accidents, overuse and degenerative pathologies.

Prof. Faletti has conducted a number studies1 examining the advantages of conducting assessments using ultrasound combined with e-flow (an imaging function unique to ALOKA). The findings demonstrate that ultrasound is the only imaging technique that enables the radiologist to view a patient’s injuries in real-time – which is a big advantage when trying to identify the precise location of acute pain, and thus its true cause.

What’s more, although the findings showed MRI and ultrasound produced very similar diagnostic information, using e-flow produced greater sensitivity and far greater image detail. In fact, during the acute phase Prof. Faletti was even able to observe micro-angiogenesis (the growth and repair of new blood vessels) taking place, which provides important clinical outcomes on a tendon’s insertion (e.g. supraspinatus tendon)

A major part of Prof. Faletti’s work revolves around working with prominent sporting stars and a leading Italian Serie A football club, and he has now taken to adopting a ‘fused’ approach using both MRI and ultrasound; as with e-flow he can pin-point with great accuracy any bleeding in fascial regions (connective tissue that surrounds muscles).

Additionally, Prof. Faletti believes in the future, especially with new models like the ALOKA ProSound F75, we will be able to view even greater detail to detect new pathologies – such as 3D reconstruction of the tissue structure and lesions.

Prof Faletti, commented: “I have been working with ALOKA for over five years now and I look forward to further advancing diagnosis using the higher sensitivity on the new ProSound F75. High resolution ultrasound, in combination with Contrast Enhanced Ultrasound (CEUS) and e-flow technologies is a highly sensitive diagnostic method for the assessment of patellar and achilles insertiional tendinopathies. Having the ability to ask a patient where they feel pain, whilst watching in real-time imaging has allowed me to get a better understanding of the clinical situation – and I would advice all clinicians to consider working with ultrasound when evaluating conditions like these.”

1 - Insertional tendinopathy: a comparison between conventional power Doppler, new technologies (e-flow) and MR, Regis, S Pozza, A de Marchi & C Faletti (2007)

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