Allergy Therapeutics plc Release: Anapen® 500mcg Epinephrine Aauto-injector

Published: Dec 06, 2011

6 December 2011 -- Allergy Therapeutics plc (AIM: "AGY"), is pleased to announce that the updated Anapen® 500mcg epinephrine auto-injector device registered in the UK and Ireland will be available in both countries in early 2012. In September the Company obtained the exclusive distribution rights for Anapen® in the UK and Ireland.

As many as one million people in the UK are at risk from anaphylaxis which can be caused by food allergy, insect bites or stings, latex, drugs and other triggers.1,2 The incidence and prevalence of serious allergic reactions such as anaphylaxis are increasing rapidly, as are the number of hospital related admissions.3

The UK’s Resuscitation Council has recommended a dose of 500mcg of epinephrine for adults. The Anapen® 500mcg, produced by Lincoln Medical Limited, is the only 500mcg epinephrine auto-injector currently available in the UK that has been licensed for use in adults with a body weight of 60kg and above. The product is also available in 300mcg and 150mcg doses.

Professor Jonathan Hourihane, Professor of Paediatrics at University College Hospital, Cork commented;

“This is an important development for the community care of adults at risk of anaphylaxis. Delay in receiving appropriate adrenaline is associated with severe adverse outcomes in anaphylaxis and a higher dose auto-injector has long been on the allergists’ wish list for their patients.”

Allergy Therapeutics has been selling Anapen® in The Netherlands since September 2010 and has also received the exclusive rights to distribute Anapen® in Italy, Spain, Belgium, Poland, Argentina, Venezuela, Colombia and Chile; all countries with promising market potential. The Company expects to launch Anapen® in these countries during the next 12 months, subject to regulatory approvals.

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1 Resuscitation Council (UK). Emergency treatment for anaphylactic reaction: Guidelines for healthcare providers. January 2008

2 Simons GFE et al. Worold Allergy Organization Guidleines for Assessment and Management of Anaphlaxis. J Allergy Clin Immunol

3 Department of Health. Parliamentary written reply, 26 March 2009. Available at

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