Alinea Pharmaceuticals Inc. Announces $45M Series A Financing

CAMBRIDGE, Mass., Oct. 20 /PRNewswire/ -- Alinea Pharmaceuticals, Inc., a biopharmaceutical company focused on developing new therapeutics for the treatment of diabetes and other metabolic disorders, today announced a $45M Series A financing. The round was led by MPM Capital, with participation from SV Life Sciences and Burrill & Co., who played an active role in structuring the deal, and Flagship Ventures. In conjunction with the financing, the company also announced the appointment of Robert Mashal, MD, as President and CEO.

Alinea's initial assets were licensed from the Institute for Diabetes Discovery (IDD), in Branford, CT. IDD is a premier R&D organization focused exclusively on metabolic diseases. The licensed assets include lidorestat, a compound in Phase II trials for the prevention of the complications of diabetes, and several preclinical programs, the most advanced of which targets protein tyrosine phosphatase 1b (PTP1b). Alinea and IDD will work together under a multi-year R&D agreement to bring compounds to the development candidate stage. Alinea Pharmaceuticals will have primary responsibility for IND enabling studies, clinical development and commercialization of the in- licensed assets.

Alinea Pharmaceuticals has a novel financing and operating structure. Alinea will be staffed as a development and commercial organization. Through its discovery collaboration with IDD, Alinea will not be solely reliant on in- licensing activities to build its pipeline, and it will have the added financial flexibility that comes with not having to build its own discovery infrastructure. The discovery collaboration will be governed by a Joint Steering Committee.

Dr. Mashal stated, "I am very fortunate to lead the initial phase of a company with the potential to generate major products in large markets, supported by a strong investor syndicate. IDD's success in developing PTP1b inhibitors, a very difficult and highly competitive area, gives me great confidence in our ability to build a company with innovative products and a deep pipeline."

Jim Nolan, President and CEO of IDD, added, "We are delighted to have the opportunity to work with top-tier life science investors and the management team at Alinea. We look forward to seeing our portfolio of exciting diabetes projects work their way through the clinic and onto the market."

Nick Galakatos, General Partner at MPM Capital, said, "We invested in Alinea because of the breakthrough nature of its product portfolio. We worked with IDD to create a unique financing structure that focuses the company on clinical development and commercialization while outsourcing discovery research to IDD, a highly successful, specialized operation in metabolic diseases."

The co-Chairmen of Alinea's Scientific Advisory Board will be Dr. Jeffrey Flier and Dr. Jay Skyler. Dr. Flier is the George C. Reisman Professor of Medicine at the Harvard Medical School, and the Harvard Faculty Dean for Academic Programs and Chief Academic Officer at the Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center. He is the recipient of numerous honors, including both the Eli Lilly Award for Outstanding Scientific Achievement and the Banting Medal, the American Diabetes Association's highest scientific honor. He has been elected as a Member of the Institute of Medicine of the National Academy of Sciences. He serves as an Editor of the Journal of Clinical Investigation and on the Board of Consulting Editors of Science.

Dr. Skyler is Professor of Medicine at the University of Miami School of Medicine, and serves as Chairman of the NIH sponsored Type I Diabetes TrialNet. Dr. Skyler has served as President of the American Diabetes Association and on the Executive Board of the International Diabetes Federation. Dr. Skyler served on the Board of Directors of Mega Technologies before its acquisition by Abbott, of Minimed before its acquisition by Medtronic, and currently serves on the Boards of Directors of two publicly traded companies, Amylin Pharmaceuticals and DexCom.

Alinea's Board of Directors is comprised of Nick Galakatos and Todd Foley of MPM Capital; Michael Ross of SV Life Sciences; John Kim of Burrill & Co.; James Nolan and Michael Fare of IDD; Edward Scolnick, former President of Merck Research Laboratories; and Robert Mashal, President & CEO.

Michael Ross, Edward Scolnick and Robert Mashal also serve on the Joint Steering Committee along with James Nolan, Michael Fare and one other senior member of the IDD research staff.

About Alinea Pharmaceuticals

Alinea Pharmaceuticals is a Massachusetts based Company founded in August, 2005. It is dedicated to developing and commercializing pharmaceuticals for the treatment of diabetes and related metabolic disorders. It seeks to build a product portfolio both through its existing research collaboration with the Institutes for Diabetes Discovery, and through in-licensing of complementary products and programs. More information about Alinea can be found at

About the Institutes for Diabetes Discovery

The Institute for Diabetes Discovery, LLC, (IDD) is a privately held biopharmaceutical company dedicated to the research and discovery of novel drugs and therapeutics for diabetes and metabolism. Founded in 1995 in Branford, Connecticut, IDD is the flagship institute under the umbrella of the Institutes for Pharmaceutical Discovery, LLC. More information on IDD can be found at

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