Alcyon Health's premium family planning supplements coming soon to

COLUMBUS, Ohio, March 5, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Alcyon Health LLC's line of premium, research-based fertility supplements for uncompromising, uncomplicated nutrition to aid in the family planning process is coming soon to health and wellness e-commerce site

Alcyon Health was formed in 2016 by healthcare and marketing professionals Bryan Vantell and Abbas Jamali, who identified a need for science-based supplements that were easy to identify with simple, clear and concise labeling and instructions -- and only the best, most pure ingredients -- to aid couples in family planning.

"We believe that health should be simple, intuitive and accessible to everyone," Alcyon Health advisor Angie Vantell said. "So we set out to create a different kind of healthcare company; one that meets only the highest quality standards unlike anything else on the market, something that is simple and concise, and something to help couples planning to start a family because the first step in family planning should be your health."

Initially, Alcyon Health's ErosVigor, FerraVitae and OvaVitae supplements will be available on More Alcyon products are in the pipeline and will be made available in the coming months and years.

OvaVitae is an egg quality and ovarian support supplement that contains a myo-inositol, folate and Mylitta™ antioxidant blend. This capsule-form supplement offers critical support for natural fertility enhancement. The multi-tasking formula nourishes, protects and balances the quality and overall health of the ovarian eggs, which can become compromised over time due to environmental pollution, stress and hormonal imbalances.

The trademarked Mylitta™ blend consists of green tea, grape seed and coffee bean extracts, along with red clover powder, co-enzyme Q10 and alpha lipoic acid.

ErosVigor is a combination of high-potency Yohimbine HCL, L-Arginine and L-Carnitine in a liquid capsule form for high bioavailability.

FerraVitae is a premium, high-potency carbonyl iron, vitamin C and folic acid, liquid-filled capsule containing 150 milligrams of elemental iron.

"Our formulas are carefully crafted, working alongside a team of leading healthcare experts," Angie Vantell said. "We use only the best raw ingredients selected for high bioavailability. We never use artificial colors, fillers or unnecessary excipients. Every one of our finished products undergoes stringent third-party lab testing to ensure safety, purity and potency."

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