Agendia BV Announces A Distribution Agreement With Opaldia To Introduce Its Validated MammaPrint(R) Breast Cancer Test And CupPrint Cancer Of Unknown Primary Test In The United Kingdom

Published: Mar 29, 2006

AMSTERDAM, March 30 /PRNewswire/ -- Agendia BV (Amsterdam, The Netherlands) and Opaldia Ltd. (UK) announced today that they have reached an agreement for distribution of MammaPrint(R) and CupPrint(R) in the United Kingdom.

MammaPrint(R), which has been validated, uses a 70-gene profile to classify breast cancer patients as 'low' or 'high' risk of developing distant metastasis in a 10-year period. MammaPrint(R) therefore offers additional information to oncologists and patients concerning the subsequent treatment plan.

Breast cancer accounts for almost one in three of all cancer cases in women, and the lifetime risk for breast cancer in women is one in nine.

Men can also get breast cancer but it is rare - around 300 cases are diagnosed each year.

The CupPrint(R) test is intended for Cancer of Unknown Primary patients. For these cases finding the primary tumour and therefore providing most appropriate treatment is difficult by conventional techniques; this test identifies the primary tumour reliably which helps the oncologist find the best treatment with the objective of increasing life expectancy and reducing chemotherapy's side effects. Agendia believes that CupPrint(TM) represents an important advance in the diagnosis of this challenging group of tumours

About Opaldia

Opaldia is the first UK company to provide a fully comprehensive genetic medicine service including molecular diagnostic testing and screening and information services for inherited disorders including cancers.

With a staff of highly experienced genetic medicine practitioners and an Advisory Board comprising some of the UK's key cancer specialists, Opaldia is leading the introduction of validated genetic tests in the United Kingdom, opening the gates to bringing the concept of personalised medicine a step closer to reality.

About Agendia

Agendia is a world leader in gene expression analysis-based diagnostics. The company focuses on the development and commercialisation of diagnostic tests using tumour gene expression profiling. Agendia was the first to commercialise a diagnostic test - MammaPrint(R) - a prognostic marker to determine the risk assessment of breast cancer recurrence.

Based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, Agendia is a privately owned biotechnology company that, being a spin off of the Netherlands Cancer Institute, has a strong base in top-level cancer research ensuring access to the latest developments in cancer research. Next to the development of new cancer diagnostics, Agendia offers its expertise in finding new prospective gene expression profiles to companies focusing on new drug development in the area of oncology.

Agendia BV

CONTACT: Media contact: Agendia, Ronald van Klaveren, +44-7736-377-255, Agendia B.V., Slotervaart Hospital 9D,Louwesweg 6, 1066EC Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Media contact, Opaldia,Elaine Warburton, Chief Executive, +44-7963-349-502,

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