Agencourt Bioscience Corporation RNAdvance™ Tissue System Delivers Higher Yields For Gene Expression Studies

Published: Jul 31, 2006

Beckman Coulter introduces the Agencourt RNAdvance Tissue system for isolation of total RNA from mammalian samples. The Agencourt RNAdvance Tissue process is based on the patented Agencourt SPRI® (Solid Phase Reversible Immobilization) paramagnetic bead nucleic acid purification technology. The new system produces clean RNA with high recovery, in single-tube or 96-well formats, while eliminating organic solvents, vacuum filtration and centrifugation steps. The simple Agencourt RNAdvance Tissue procedure enables higher recovery of total RNA than traditional column-based approaches. This allows researchers to maximize the use of precious tissue samples without compromising RNA integrity.

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