Affymax, Inc. Gears Up for its Make-or-Break Moment, as Anemia Drug Faces FDA Scrutiny

Published: Nov 18, 2011

Take one look at Affymax’s stock chart and you’d never guess the most important day in its history, a classic make-or-break moment, is coming up Dec. 7. It looks like nobody is giving the company a snowball’s chance in you-know-where to succeed. The big event coming up for Palo Alto, CA-based Affymax (NASDAQ: AFFY) will be on Dec. 7 when an advisory committee to the FDA will meet. The panel will weigh the risks and benefits of Affymax’s peginesatide as a new anemia treatment for patients on kidney dialysis. If the panel likes what it sees, and the FDA ultimately clears the product for sale by its March 27 deadline, then the company could start marketing its first drug in the U.S. If that happens, Affymax will be in position to fight for a share of a $2.5 billion dollar annual market, and it will be the first direct challenger in the U.S. to a 22-year-old monopoly held by Thousand Oaks, CA-based Amgen.

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