AdMeTech Foundation Announces the Third Annual Global Summit and Brain Trust on Precision Diagnosis and Treatment of Prostate Cancer


Key International Opinion Leaders Join Efforts to Accelerate Multi-Disciplinary Education and Consensus on Clinical Adoption of the Groundbreaking Best Practices in Patient Care

BOSTON, Aug. 1, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- AdMeTech Foundation, a Boston non-profit, will kick off the Third Global Summit and Brain Trust on Precision Diagnosis and Treatment of Prostate Cancer at the Boston Marriott Long Wharf, August 4-5.

The goal of this Summit is to educate the key health stakeholders about the state of the art and emerging advances in prostate diagnostics, and their groundbreaking impact on precision care. This Summit brings together a "Brain Trust" of the key international opinion leaders in the development, research and clinical implementation of liquid (blood- and urine-based) biomarkers, imaging, genetic cancer profiling and other precision diagnostic and therapeutic tools.

AdMeTech Foundation established the Manogram® Project to create precision diagnostics for men similar to life-saving mammograms for women. The Global Summit and its Brain Trust will bridge the currently existing inter-disciplinary gaps and accelerate a multi-disciplinary consensus on the advancement and clinical adoption of the groundbreaking best practices in screening, diagnosis and treatment.

While prostate cancer is curable when detected early, this disease will take the lives of hundreds of Massachusetts men this year alone, and it is over 2.5 times more lethal in Black (including Hispanic) men compared to Caucasian men. Prostate screening with blood test PSA is the best and most sensitive method of early detection but may cause false alarms and unnecessary biopsies and treatment, which inflate health care costs and reduce quality of life in countless men. Without precision diagnostic tools, including imaging, the current standard biopsies guided by transrectal ultrasound (TRUS), which cannot reliably visualize cancer lesions, analyze less than 0.5% of the prostate in a blind and random fashion. This leads to under-diagnosis and under-treatment of lethal disease and preventable loss of lives.

"We are grateful to the state legislature and administration for their support with creating a Massachusetts model of national leadership in recognizing prostate cancer as a public health priority and leading health disparity and allocating resources to a state program in prostate cancer research, integrated with education and awareness," said Dr. Faina Shtern, CEO and President of AdMeTech. "Our Global Summit is the integral part of this program, which convened the key experts in clinical care and research to focus on maximizing the value of PSA screening by advancing precision diagnosis and treatment in order to save lives and quality of lives in countless men at reduced costs. Together, we will effectively shift current concerns about PSA screening into a dustbin of history."

"As a prostate cancer survivor, I know firsthand that early detection saves lives," said State Representative Stephen Kulik (D-Worthington). "We have seen how early detection with mammography has saved lives and become a great equalizer for all women with breast cancer. I am very pleased that the Massachusetts Legislature has been a strong supporter of AdMeTech's pioneering efforts in research in precision diagnosis and treatment, combined with public outreach and education efforts that are bringing the cutting-edge advances and expertise to all men."

The upcoming Global Summit was made possible by the support of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, philanthropic contributions of the family of Paul Leighton Donoho who lost his life to prostate cancer, and our sponsors leading innovation and clinical adoption of precision diagnosis and treatment:

Gold Sponsor - Pfizer Oncology

Silver Sponsors - Blue Earth Diagnostics, Philips Healthcare in partnership with Invivo Corporation, and Siemens Healthineers

Bronze Sponsors - Exact Imaging, Genomic Health, Hitachi, Koelis, Myriad Genetics, Progenics, and Sotio.

Exhibitors and Other Supporters: Augmenix/Space Oar, Canon, Clinical Laser Systems, Desert Medical Imaging, Eigen, MIM Software, Profound Medical

About AdMeTech Foundation: A 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, based in Boston, MA, AdMeTech Foundation established the Manogram® Project, providing international leadership for groundbreaking programs in research, education and awareness to expedite advancement of precision diagnostic tools for individualized care, including screening, accurate staging and treatment of prostate cancer (

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