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MIAMI,  /PRNewswire/ -- Adaptive Center, a Miami-based addiction treatment center, is officially certified by LegitScript to advertise on Google and Facebook as a legit provider of drug and alcohol addiction treatment. Only the most worthy addiction treatment centers that want to advertise on Google and Facebook are certified by LegitScript.

LegitScript became the gatekeeper for addiction treatment advertising on Google and Facebook because bad players in the addiction treatment field were diverting people searching for treatment on Google, by investing millions in controlling the searches. Now, Addiction treatment centers that want to advertise on Google have to go through a process of investigation and certification to prove their worth. This new screening process resulted in many treatment centers shutting down within months. On the other hand, small treatment centers that had always invested in excellence in treatment first, saw their struggle rewarded.

According to Juan Lesende, the CEO of Adaptive Center, "This action by Google and Facebook, has the potential to make an important contribution to the growing effort to fight the present opioid addiction problem in America. We are thrilled that Google lived up to their principle of 'don't be evil,'"said Juan Lesende, the CEO of Adaptive Center. "Stopping big treatment center companies from dominating Google searches will make it possible for more people to find high quality, small, centers. Better care means less people relapsing, which means less people dying. We are very proud that we were accredited by LegitScript, as soon as they looked at the way we do treatment," Lesende continued, "The ban on advertising, and consequent accreditation process, has given us even more validation as an excellent treatment center. Now more people will know it."

It's difficult to know if the evil players in the addiction field will find a way to again hijack the system by diverting web traffic to their sites, by spending millions of dollars buying search words and preventing people from finding small and specialized treatment centers like Adaptive. For now, Google lived up to not being evil.

About Adaptive Center: Adaptive Center is a JCAHO Accredited addiction treatment center in Miami, Florida. It is one of the smallest, yet most effective centers of its kind. Adaptive Center is small by design - to provide the most intimate and effective treatment experience.

To learn more about Adaptive Center, call: (800) 988-9960.

Juan Lesende, CEO
(800) 988-9960

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