Activaero is a "Hessen Champion 2010": Winner of the Special Award "New Products and Developments"

Gemuenden (Wohra) 28 October 2010 - Activaero GmbH, the leading company in the field of controlled breathing technologies for inhaled therapeutic agents, today announced that it has just won an award in the competition "Hessen Champions 2010" for its technology AKITA® JET.

Eighty of the most successful and innovative companies in the German state of Hessen were entered for the awards. Activaero won the special prize for "New products and developments" for the development of the AKITA® JET inhalation system. This special medical device for the treatment of severe lung diseases makes it possible to bring a very high proportion of the often very expensive drugs to the lungs. AKITA® inhalation systems bring up to 85 percent of the active substance into the lungs compared to the current average of 15 percent.

The development of the AKITA® JET inhalation system was supported by the state of Hesse through the state’s campaign for the development of Scientific-Economic Excellence (LOEWE - Förderlinie 3). This was promoted by the state-owned economic development corporation HA Hessen Agentur GmbH

The founder of Activaero, Dr. Gerhard Scheuch, and the Managing Director, Axel Fischer, together accepted the award from the Hessian Minister Volker Bouffier on 26 October in Wiesbaden.

Dr. Gerhard Scheuch, said: " Activaero has always tried to combine scientific excellence in medical products with tailormade technologies with the needs of patients to the fore. We are delighted with this award and consider it as recognition of our efforts to make inhalation more effective, faster and easier to control for patients and doctors and through this to deliver savings on expensive medicines. "

Activaero is the world leader in the design of controlled breathing drug delivery technologies that maximize the efficiency and precision of inhaled drugs. These innovative technologies enable safer, more cost-efficient, and effective options for inhaled treatments of respiratory diseases and are available for clinical trials and pharma partnerships.Under the trade mark of AKITA® Activaero is developing and producing inhalation systems which enable the use of FAVORITE in the therapy of pulmonary diseases and the development of new inhalant drugs. Beyond that, Activaero is a center of excellence in aerosol medicine and supports pharma and biotech companies with its technology and services. Activaero GmbH is located in Gemuenden/Wohra and Munich (Germany) and Dublin, Ohio (USA).

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