Abingdon Life Sciences, Inc. Extends Strategic Alliance With Stason Pharmaceuticals, Inc. to Provide Regulatory and Clinical Support to Asian Pharmaceutical and Biotech Companies

Published: Nov 17, 2008

CARLSBAD, Calif., Nov. 17 /PRNewswire/ -- Abingdon Life Sciences, Inc. and Stason Pharmaceuticals, Inc. have extended their strategic alliance announced on August 4th, 2008. Abingdon will utilize the resources of Stason Pharma Japan Co. Ltd. to enhance their business development and IP licensing opportunities in Asia. Abingdon will also offer strategic planning, clinical development and regulatory science support for companies in Japan and throughout Asia wishing to register pharmaceuticals, biotech products and medical devices in the United States via Stason Pharma Japan.

"This expansion will compliment Abingdon's continued growth within the US and is a major step forward in the current economical climate. Our relationship with Stason has been beneficial for both companies and we believe this expansion will further strengthen the alliance," said Richard Lebovitz, Abingdon CEO. Hiro Hirota, President, Stason Pharma Japan added "Abingdon's strategic expansion is good news for many Japanese pharmaceutical and biotech companies who need clinical and regulatory support for their business expansion into the US market. Stason Pharma Japan will be playing an important role to develop new business opportunities between Abingdon and Asian companies, particularly in Japan."

About Abingdon Life Sciences, Inc.:

Abingdon Life Sciences, Inc. is a first-in-class Drug and Device Development Management Organization (DDMO) providing drug and device companies superior clinical and regulatory services based on an integrated strategic development model. Abingdon's senior executives provide personalized oversight and leadership of projects to ensure the best possible customer experience.

About Stason Pharmaceuticals, Inc.:

Founded in 1994, Stason Pharmaceuticals, Inc. has evolved into a vertically integrated cGMP contract development organization with affiliates and locations in Texas, Massachusetts, Japan, China and Taiwan that provide complete turn-key drug development solutions for API, prototype and final product, clinical supplies for all phases, and commercial production and distribution. Stason also out-licenses internally developed technologies to companies worldwide. Stason is specialized in developing and processing high-potency products, including oncology drugs.

CONTACT: Aidan Nuttall, Ph.D. of Abingdon Life Sciences, Inc.,
+1-760-268-1078, anuttall@abingdoncorp.com, or Diana Wood of Stason
Pharmaceuticals, Inc., +1-760-929-0346, diana.wood@stasonpharma.com

Web site: http://www.abingdoncorp.com/

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