Aalborg: New Multi-Parameter Paddle Wheel Flow Meter

Published: Mar 20, 2009

Paddle Wheel Flow Meters offer cost effective, high accuracy solutions to low flow liquid applications. Simple in design with only one moving part, these New Paddle Wheel Flow Meters are easy to install and operate. Sapphire jewel bearings facilitate virtually friction-free impeller wheel rotations resulting in linear low flow metering. Models constructed of Polypropylene or chemically resistant PVDF can be mounted either horizontally or vertically and ensure long operational life.

Designed for measuring very low liquid flow rates and for highly accurate temperature readings, Paddle Wheel Meters are ideally suited to many flow system applications.

Design Features include metering accuracy ±1% FS and Temperature Output from Platinum RTD, 0.00385 TCR, meeting EN 60751, Class B..

The sensor can be replaced in the field and an optional four-wire Platinum RTD probe is available.

Visible flow indication via the transparent acrylic cover.

The flow output signal is a versatile square wave and the ports are female NPT.

Typical applications for Paddle Wheel Flow Meters include: research and development facilities, metering applications, test stands, OEM applications, water treatment systems, water dispensing systems, flow verification, and process applications.

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