A New Neutralizing Antibody Test Shows Your Body's Response to the COVID-19 Vaccine


FLAGLER BEACH, Fla., Sept. 23, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Now you can order the only at-home neutralizing antibody test from Epitome Risk, says Lisa Wilson, CEO of Epitome Risk. In 24-48 hours you'll know if your immune system is still protecting you from COVID after you got your Johnson & Johnson, Moderna, or Pfizer vaccine, or after you tested positive for COVID.

It's more specific than the general antibody testing offered by other labs. Our neutralizing antibody test correctly identifies the number of neutralizing antibodies you have with 100% specificity.

With COVID and its variants, people want to manage their own health and wellness. Because the neutralizing antibody test is ordered directly by consumers online it is usually not covered by health insurance. Employees with a flexible spending account (FSA) or a health reimbursement arrangement (HRA) can use that money to pay for the test.

Epitome Risk, through its private lab Fourthwall Testing, has an at-home test that will tell you how many neutralizing antibodies you have in 24 - 48 hours.  Epitome Risk is the only company offering a neutralizing antibody test from the comfort of your own home.

"When someone gets vaccinated the immune system makes antibodies but only a fraction can actually block or inhibit the virus from infecting our cells," Wilson explained. "Inhibition rate relates to the number of those key blocking antibodies. This is a very different test from the general antibody testing."

According to Dr. Fauci, the CDC and the White House, your body needs neutralizing antibodies to block COVID. After you get the COVID vaccine or after you have COVID your body makes neutralizing antibodies. The more neutralizing antibodies you have, the more protected you are.

"Neutralizing antibodies recognize the coronavirus and block it," said Wilson. "Your body makes the COVID-blocking neutralizing antibodies after you get your Pfizer, Moderna or Johnson & Johnson vaccine or after you had COVID."

Vaccine makers announced that the number of COVID-blocking neutralizing antibodies goes down about six months after you got the vaccine. The White House is not offering booster shots to the general public until at least eight months after the vaccine, if at all. How do you know if your vaccine is still protecting you from COVID?

"This is a new test and tests more than general antibodies -- it tests for the specific exact subsect of neutralizing antibodies that block the virus from attacking your cells. It's a game changer in the fight against COVID," Wilson added.

Pfizer, Moderna and Johnson & Johnson all say that their vaccines produce a lot of neutralizing antibodies right after you get the shot, which is good. But they announced in August 2021 that the number of neutralizing antibodies drops after about six months, which makes you less safe. That's why the White House and Dr. Fauci recommend booster shots eight months after you get vaccinated. But if the vaccine wears off around six months and you can't get a booster until eight months - are you protected?

"Epitome Risk has an at-home test that will tell you with 100% specificity how many neutralizing antibodies you have in 24 - 48 hours," said Wilson. "Epitome Risk is the only company offering a neutralizing antibody test from the comfort of your own home."

About Epitome Risk and FourthWall Testing

Epitome Risk and FourthWall Testing have come together to provide a protocol so you can find out if you're still protected from COVID from the comfort of your own home. Especially if you're traveling, visiting immune compromised people or heading into the office. Know your numbers, know your risk. Know if you're putting the people you love at risk too.


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