A/C Diagnostics Unit of AntiCancer Receives FDA Clearance for a Portable Homocysteine Test

Published: Oct 20, 2008

SAN DIEGO--(BUSINESS WIRE)--The A/C Diagnostics unit of AntiCancer, Inc., has received FDA clearance to market its A/C Portable Enzymatic Homocysteine Assay on the A/C Diagnostic Reader. The new homocysteine assay uses a genetically-engineered enzyme specific for homocysteine. The assay will be able to serve the need for widespread testing for homocysteine, a risk factor for cardiovascular and other diseases. “The simplicity of this test enables an economical price structure for the test kit. This gives us the possibility for gaining a significant share of the homocysteine test market,” said Yuying Tan, Product Manager and lead researcher for the A/C Portable Enzymatic Homocysteine Assay.

The A/C Portable Enzymatic Homocysteine Assay can measure total homocysteine (tHCY) in a 3-step single-enzyme assay with a small portable fluorescence reader, the A/C Diagnostics Reader, and can assist diagnosis and treatment of hyperhomocysteinemia, a risk factor for cardiovascular disease and other diseases. This test is precise and can be carried out in a small lab, a doctor’s office or a pharmacy as it requires small amounts of blood, even from a finger prick. The assay kit is only for in vitro use.

A/C Diagnostics is a unit of AntiCancer, Inc., developing diagnostic tests based on specific recombinant enzymes. Other tests based on recombinant enzymes also being developed by A/C Diagnostics include vitamin B6 and the amino acid cysteine, both associated with cardiovascular and other diseases.

AntiCancer, Inc., founded in 1984 and located in San Diego, is also developing new drugs for cancer based on genetic engineering and targeting cancer specific metabolic defects. The company markets clinically-relevant imageable mouse models of metastatic cancer for cancer drug discovery and evaluation using fluorescent proteins for imaging. The company is also developing gene therapy for cancer and for diseases of the hair follicle.


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