7 Key Habits Of Super Networkers In Biotech

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7 Key Habits Of Super Networkers In Biotech Febuary 6, 2014

Ever wonder how networking pros do it? Here are seven habits that will make you a super networker.

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No matter what biotech field a person chooses, networking becomes a vital aspect of his or her career. This is because networking opens up the doors to more opportunities and more money—both of which are vital in this economy. Although a person may be good at marketing himself, herself or a company, he or she may not be taking advantage of as many opportunities as possible because of an unawareness to every habit that is important when it comes to networking.
Not knowing the key traits of the most effective networking techniques can lead to missed chances for advancement, particularly in the biopharma industry. In fact—according to an article on Xconomy, "Biotech saw a 1.4 percent decline in overall employment from 2007-2010"; therefore, networking is more vital than ever to make the most of a biotech career.

1. Positive attitude.

Those who are most successful at a biotech job when it comes to networking are the ones with a positive attitude. People don't like to do business, and in some cases, even associate with someone who is negative and very pessimistic. This is mainly because a negative disposition can impact how a person works.

2. Never misses an opportunity.

Even when he or she is under the weather, marketing is still important. A super networker never misses an opportunity. He or she may go out of his or her way, but in the end, this drive is what makes for a successful life science career. The individuals who are super networkers are organized, which helps them to not miss potential chances. Even going to the grocery store can be a time to network, and those who are best at it are well aware of this. For example, With103,100 jobs for medical scientists alone denotes the Bureau of Labor Statistics, it's not in anyone's benefit to miss out on a prime opportunity to market themselves.

3. Gracious.

It's not uncommon nowadays to go out of the way for someone to receive not even a thank you or any acknowledgment. People today really take notice of those who are gracious and realize that a person's time is valuable. This is why those looking for the most success in a biotech job go out of their way to be thankful.

4. Good observational and listening skills.

Those, who work magic at networking, listen to others and know what's going on around them. By observing and listening, a person can get a better idea of how he or she can help others. Rather than steering the entire focus of a conversation on his or herself, someone who excels at networking will ask questions and listen to a get a better understanding of other people's needs.

5. Interest in others.

By showing an active interest in others, especially to their needs, a person can better market his or herself, due to a genuine concern for others. Not only that, an individual who is insincere and doesn't give his or her undivided attention during a meeting can really turn off prospective opportunities.

6. Trustworthy.

Being caught in one small lie may break a person when it comes to marketing. Once a person has been thought of as untrustworthy, people no longer want to pass on the person's name as a referral.

7. Enthusiastic and motivated.

CNNMoney states that some life sciences jobs are the best jobs in America as of 2013, especially because of their job growth outlook. For example, "biomedical engineers" ranks at the top spot and "clinical research associate" ranks at the ninth spot. For this reason, it's vital for someone to network him or herself, so that he or she can be a big part of these potential careers. Through being enthusiastic and motivated, a person may open more doors. Plus, his or her enthusiasm is a characteristic that others like to see.

Knowing the traits of those who are most successful at networking just might be key to becoming more successful at networking or even at becoming a super networker. Overall, being positive and enthusiastic leads to job advancement in the biotech industry. And when combined with other factors like being trustworthy, a person may convert his or her so-so marketing skills into super networking skills.

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