4-Antibody AG Meets Next Milestone in Boehringer Ingelheim Corporation

Published: Sep 19, 2011

Basel, Switzerland, 19th September, 2011: 4-Antibody AG today announced the successful completion of a second milestone in its ongoing collaboration with Boehringer Ingelheim. This second milestone triggered an undisclosed fee payment. 4-Antibody’s R&D collaboration with Boehringer Ingelheim commenced in early 2010 and is a long-term collaboration to discover and develop fully human therapeutic antibodies for a number of targets in various disease indications. The collaboration centres on 4-Antibody’s proprietary high throughput in vitro Retrocyte Display® technology for rapid antibody discovery and development of fully human antibodies against novel targets nominated by Boehringer Ingelheim. Robert Burns, 4-Antibody’s CEO, said: “Not only do you want your collaborations to serve an important role in validating your technology, but you also want your partners to be sufficiently happy that they continue to pay milestone payments as successful programme targets are achieved. We set out with our high throughput in vitro Retrocyte Display® technology to show we can take all the advantages of in vivo as well as in vitro platforms and combine them both without the limitations of these existing approaches. We see our continued partnering success as confirmation of that strategy.” About 4-Antibody AG 4-Antibody is a biopharmaceutical company with a powerful fully-human antibody drug-discovery technology platform which is generating an emerging pipeline of antibody therapeutics. The proprietary discovery engine is the in vitro Retrocyte Display® technology, a fast and highly efficient source of antibody drug candidates. Retrocyte Display® generates high quality therapeutic antibody drug candidates quickly using a rapid, high-throughput, flow cytometry approach incorporating full-length IgG format human antibody libraries expressed in mammalian B cells. 4-Antibody provides access to its technologies to select pharmaceutical R&D collaborators and is also generating an in-house pipeline of antibody drugs. The Company’s lead development product is an anti-cytomegalovirus antibody drug. 4-Antibody is a private company with strong, commercially-experienced leadership located in Basel, Switzerland and Jena, Germany. For more information please visit: www.4-antibody.com Further Information: Dr Robert Burns CEO 4-Antibody AG t: +41-61-633-20-60 e: robert.burns@4-antibody.com Dr Robert Mayer Account Manager College Hill t: +49 89 5238 8030 e: robert.mayer@collegehill.com

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