15th Longevity Prize of La Fondation Ipsen Professor Judith Campisi is Awarded in Recognition of the Outstanding Work she has Been Carrying In the Domain of Longevity, Senescence and Cancer

Published: Nov 23, 2010

Paris (France), 23 November 2010 – The 15th annual Longevity Prize has been awarded to Judith Campisi (Buck Institute for Age Research, Novato, USA) in recognition of the work she has been carrying in the domain of Longevity, Senescence and Cancer, by an international jury* led by Professor Leonard Poon (University of Georgia, Athens, USA). She received the €20,000 prize on 22 November 2010 at the Gerontology Society of America (GSA), New Orleans, USA where she presented an outstanding lecture.

About the winner

Judith Campisi received a PhD in Biochemistry from the State University of New York at Stony Brook, and postdoctoral training in the area of cell cycle regulation and cancer at the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute and Harvard Medical School. As an Assistant Professor at the Boston University Medical School, she became interested in the control of cellular senescence and its role in tumor suppression and aging. She left Boston to accept a Senior Scientist position at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory in 1991; in 2002, established a second laboratory at the Buck Institute for Age Research, where she is a Professor. At both institutions, she established a broad program to understand various aspects of aging, with an emphasis on the interface between cancer and aging. Campisi’s laboratory has made several pioneering discoveries in these areas, and her research continues to challenge and alter existing paradigms. In recognition of the quality of her research and leadership in the field, she has received several awards, including two MERIT awards from the US National Institute on Aging, and awards from the Allied Signal Corporation, Gerontological Society of America, and American Federation for Aging Research. She serves on numerous editorial boards and advisory boards.

About the Longevity Prize

Founded in 1996, the Longevity Prize of La Fondation Ipsen has been awarded to renowned specialists: Caleb E. Finch (Los Angeles, 1996), Vaino Kannisto (Lisboa, 1997), Roy L. Walford (Los Angeles, 1998), John Morley (St Louis,1999), Paul & Margret Baltes (Berlin, 2000), Justin Congdon (Aiken, 2001), George Martin (Seattle, 2002), James Vaupel (Rostock, 2003), Linda Partridge (London, 2004), Sir Michael Marmot (London, 2005), Cynthia Kenyon (San Francisco, 2006), David Barker (Southampton, 2007), Gerald McLearn (University Park, 2008) and Jacques Vallin (Institut National d'Etudes Démographiques, Paris, 2009).

About the Fondation Ipsen

Established in 1983 under the aegis of the Fondation de France, the mission of the Fondation Ipsen is to contribute to the development and dissemination of scientific knowledge. The long-standing action of the Fondation Ipsen aims at fostering the interaction between researchers and clinical practitioners, which is indispensable due to the extreme specialisation of these professions. The ambition of the Fondation Ipsen is to initiate a reflection about the major scientific issues of the forthcoming years. It has developed an important international network of scientific experts who meet regularly at meetings known as Colloques Médecine et Recherche, dedicated to six main themes: Alzheimer's disease, neurosciences, longevity, endocrinology, the vascular system and cancer science. Moreover, in 2007, the Fondation Ipsen started three new series of meetings. The first series is an annual meeting organized in partnership with the Salk Institute and Nature and focuses on Biological Complexity; the second series is the “Emergence and Convergence” series with Nature, and the third with Cell and the Massachusetts General Hospital entitled “Exciting Biologies”. Since its beginning, the Fondation Ipsen as organised more than 100 international conferences, published 70 volumes with renowned publishers and 213 issues of a widely distributed bimonthly newsletter Alzheimer Actualités. It has also awarded more than 100 prizes and grants. Please visit www.fondation-ipsen.org

1 In addition to Leonard Poon, the jury was composed of James Carey (University of California, Davis, USA), Eileen Crimmins (University of Southern California, Los Angeles, USA), Caleb Finch (University of Southern California, Los Angeles, USA), Bernard Forette (Paris, France), Bernard Jeune (Odense University, Odense, Denmark), George Martin (University of Washington, Seattle, USA), Jean-Pierre Michel (Hôpital Universitaire de Genève, Genève, Switzerland), Jean-Marie Robine (INSERM Centre Val d’Aurelle, Montpellier, France), Jacques Treton (Inserm U872, Paris, France) and Bruno Vellas (Centre Hospitalier Regional Toulouse, France)


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