OPTEC International Secures Expanded Exclusive North American Distribution for OPTEC “iWands” and Hydroxyl Sterilizers.

CARLSBAD, CA / ACCESSWIRE / August 26, 2020 / OPTEC International Inc., (OTC:OPTI) Today announced the company has now secured the expanded exclusive distribution rights for the North America regions for the OPTEC "iWand" and Hydroxyl sterilizer products. The territory expansion will allow for growing number of distributor request applications received by the company to move forward right away in expanding the sales and distribution across North America. The company will now be including a "Distributors" tab to the website with listings and contact information of newly appointed distributors across North America.

OPTEC Hydroxyl Air Sterilizer.

A significant breakthrough in the Pandemic prevention fight for UVC sterilization in an environment that has remained without a solution for most Americans, is sterilization of their vehicles while being in their vehicles, Until Now…. OPTEC's introduction of the totally safe certified OPTEC HYDROXYL portable disinfecting and sterilization device cleans the air inside the vehicle while simultaneously sanitizing and disinfecting using active OH radicals and deep penetration sterilization. The OPTEC Hydroxyl Air Sterilizer uses OH radicals to transform virus proteins, therefore decomposing bacteria and viruses. It is a safe and fast sterilizer for airborne infection for surface and material sterilization. It also removes dust and particles while deodorizing the areas to purify the air for better breathing conditions. Certified SGS test report results show 99.99% effective killing of bacteria, germs, organic pollutants and viruses.

The OPTEC Hydroxyl sterilizer can be a unique opportunity for the larger private transportation organizations, such as Lyft, Uber, Taxi and personal livery companies, for rapid constant non-toxic sterilization of frequently used vehicles, now being mandated in most states for disinfection and sterilization for passenger safety after each ride.

About OPTEC.

OPTEC is a market leader in the development and distribution of high quality (Ultra-Violet) UV-C & UV Germicidal Non-Toxic Sanitization and Disinfection using Chemical Free technologies and products. OPTEC is helping in changing the Germicidal Sterilization & Disinfecting environment using UV-C Light and UV Products. Ultra-Violet light is now the Worlds most advanced solution for Killing Bacteria, Mites & Parasites whilst simultaneously de-activating 99% of Virus's in a non-chemical environment. The Company previously announced the introduction of a safer way to Re-Open in Person Schools, Churches, Gymnasiums and businesses across the country using a suite of OPTEC products. Rd viruses. It is a safe and f

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airborne, surface and materials sterilization. It also removes

dust and particles while deodorizing the area.

Inhibits growth of allergens, bacteria and viruses

in your home, promoting a safer environment for

your family.

Eliminate the


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