Vigilan Announces A Multi-Facility Management Portal For Assisted Living

PORTLAND, Ore., Feb. 28 /PRNewswire/ -- Helping owners and operators of multiple assisted living facilities regain proactive control of their operations, Vigilan today announced the Analyzer(TM) an operational management portal. Vigilan's Analyzer provides owners and operators with a collective view of current and projected results for multiple assisted living facilities.

Vigilan's Analyzer gathers multiple data points such as marketing, acuity and financial data from multiple geographic locations and presents the critical data in a simple single web page. By providing a collective and immediate view of the usable operational data, owners and operators are regaining control over quality of care, operational risk and profitability.

"As a facility owner and operator for over 20 years, I experienced the frustration of getting data weeks after I could really do anything with it," said Chris Mason, president and CEO of Vigilan. "The Analyzer was designed to solve this problem by providing real-time access to the critical data owners and operators need."

Managing quality of care, operational risk and profitability for multiple assisted living facilities requires that owners and operators have daily access to critical operational data. Today, many owners and operators spend much of their time collecting and sorting thousands of data points from multiple geographic locations to manage their operations. For many, collecting and sorting this data can take more than a week, removing their ability to proactively act on problems as they arise.

"Overseeing multiple assisted living facilities without Vigilan's Analyzer is like driving a car without a dashboard," said Kevin Tomlinson, vice president of management & accounting efficiency at Touchmark. "Analyzer puts everything we need right at our fingertips."


The Analyzer is available today. To learn more or schedule a demo, call Vigilan toll free at 1-800-443-1127 or send an email to

About Vigilan

Vigilan is a leading operational management systems company for assisted living providers who need an easier way to profitably manage their business. Unlike other systems providers, Vigilan offers an adaptive system that can accommodate individual facility requirements. Core to the company's operational excellence suite of products is the Administrator that, on average, increases revenue by $150 per resident per month.


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