Tutela Wireless Monitoring Chosen by Health Diagnostic Laboratory Inc., Richmond, VA

Published: May 15, 2012

May 15 2012 -- Florida-based Tutela Medical has been awarded a long term contract to provide its FDA compliant wireless temperature monitoring system for Health Diagnostic Laboratory in Richmond, VA. This contract comes on the heels of recent wins in US blood research, bio pharmaceutical and tissue/organ facilities.

The system currently being installed comprises a full Tutela wireless temperature monitoring and alarming system implemented in their main facility and in a remote location across 24 laboratory fridges, 21 deep freezers, together with 10 relative humidity sensors and 10 for ambient temperature totaling 65 sensors in all.

Health Diagnostic Laboratory, Inc (*HDL, Inc), Richmond VA is an accredited clinical laboratory focused on disease state management with a supporting clinical laboratory testing patients with cardiovascular disease (CVD), heart failure, stroke, diabetes mellitus (DM), metabolic syndrome (MS), and non-alcoholic steatohepatitis or fatty liver disease (NASH).

HDL, Inc. offers a unique menu of clinical laboratory test results, selected based on their ability to discern the information required to understand each patients disease state. HDL was using chart type temperature recorders and sub-standard alarm protocols. They were interested in upgrading to a wireless system that gave them plenty of flexibility and the alarming functions they desired. Tutela won out over 3 other competitors.

Tutela engineers worked in Richmond to install, commission, and validate the system per strict US (FDA) regulatory and compliance standards.

The 65 sensors in the facility are monitored around the clock in real-time at Tutela’s Monitoring Bureau in Farnborough, UK where the company will electronically store records of the conditions under which blood, pharmaceuticals, tissue samples, medicine and other materials are kept for the requisite thirty years.

Tim Bartholomew, managing director of Next Control Systems said, “We are delighted with the opportunity to work with leading institutions in the US. We continue to elevate our care and safeguarding services to new levels in order to meet the most demanding needs of our customers.”

For more information on Tutela Wireless Medical Monitoring Systems please visit: www.Tutelamedical.com

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