Trivitron Acquires Ani Lab for $20.4 Million

Published: Nov 27, 2012

Trivitron Healthcare today announced the 100% acquisition of Ani labsystem, a leader in the In Vitro Diagnostic space with its presence in Neonatal Screening and Cardiac Bio markers screening areas. Ani Labsystems is a group of companies consist of Ani Biotech, Ani Labsystems, Biopoint and K3. Trivitron is acquiring all these four group companies and the merger is known as Labsystems Diagnostics OY- A Trivitron Group Company. This global joint venture brings forth access to global manufacturing facility, a first of its kind for an Indian Medical Technology Company to go abroad for acquisition. While Neonatal Screening, Cardiac Biomarkers , Gastro and Respiratory diagnostics kits will continue to be manufactured in Finland, the Infectious Diseases and Women's health manufacturing will be shifted to The Trivitron Medical Technology Park based in Chennai, according to company's statement. With this acquisition, Trivitron has the capability to enter into Point of Care Diagnostics, Immuno Diagnostics and Molecular Diagnostics, the three of the fastest growing areas in the In Vitro Diagnostics field. Trivitron is already manufacturing Hematology and Clinical Chemistry kits from their Facilities. Hence this will make Trivitron a global In Vitro Diagnostic company with capability of manufacturing variety of Diagnostics Kits covering all major areas of In Vitro Diagnostics Field. In Chennai, Trivitron Healthcare has established South Asia’s first state-of-art medical technology manufacturing facility -The Trivitron Medical Technology Park and Trivitron’s innovation center at the IIT Madras.

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