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UPPER SADDLE RIVER, N.J., June 21 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- PDI, Inc. announced it has entered a co-marketing alliance with TMX, a leader in sales force effectiveness technology, under which PDI will incorporate TMX technology and software applications into its sales and marketing services.

The primary focus of the agreement between the companies is TMX Communicator(TM), a proprietary physician relationship management (PRM) technology based upon a recently issued U.S. patent. The web-based system blends high technology with a user-friendly interface to give field representatives a new communication channel to their target physicians. Under the terms of the alliance, PDI will be granted the exclusive Communicator(TM) license for outsourced sales and marketing companies.

"With more representatives in the field than ever before, and sales calls now averaging less than two minutes, sales representatives need to find new ways to deliver their information to physicians," said Eric Smith, TMX Chief Strategic Officer. "Communicator(TM) solves this problem-it has been specifically designed to provide representatives with a next-generation tool to improve the breadth and depth of the representative-physician interaction."

"This technology significantly improves a representative's ability to transfer critical knowledge and highly relevant medical information to physicians on a one-to-one basis," said Steven K. Budd, PDI's President of Global Sales and Marketing Services. "This communication greatly enhances the quality of the representative-physician interaction, ultimately increasing lifetime sales volume. Over the past twelve months, PDI has introduced services to measure the impact of the sales call and provide feedback to representatives; Communicator(TM) will add further depth to those services, increasing the brand knowledge and loyalty of targeted physicians and, most importantly, to ultimately drive sales. The right technology can deliver outstanding benefits; we believe Communicator(TM) is the right technology."

About PDI

PDI, Inc., a premier healthcare sales and marketing company, provides strategic alternatives to the portfolio challenges of biopharmaceutical and medical device and diagnostics manufacturers. Focusing on two core businesses, sales and marketing services and product commercialization, PDI leverages its expertise and commercial infrastructure to maximize profitable brand growth. Manufacturers choose the relationship which best meets their strategic and financial objectives, ranging from individual or bundled service agreements to broader commercial partnerships.

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About TMX

TMX is a leading digital marketing and technology agency that provides solutions to critical business issues currently facing healthcare and pharmaceutical professionals, including decreased in-person access to physicians, persistent demand for improved sales and marketing ROI / performance metrics, and increasing need for consistency in brand messaging for purposes of regulatory compliance. The company is primarily focused on physician relationship management (PRM) technologies that increase sales force effectiveness, and also provides services including: interactive communications strategy, website and physician extranet development, e-detailing, CME & non-CME educational programs, managed care pull-through programs, web-based research, custom applications and data / systems integration.

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