The Russian Ministry of Industry and Trade Hosts OPEN RUSSIA DAY at MEDICA 2012

Published: Nov 20, 2012

November 19, Dusseldorf, Germany – The Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation led a united Russian delegation at the world’s largest medical trade fair MEDICA 2012 and presented the OPEN RUSSIA DAY.

In the forthcoming years, the Russian medical industry is expecting a significant breakthrough. The Russian State Program for the development of innovative economies lists this sector as a special priority and its progress is a particular focus for the President. This favorable environment will create unrivalled conditions for the development of the medical industry and advance Russia to be a competent player worldwide.

The Ministry of Industry and Trade is the main body responsible for the implementation of this recently-approved government development strategy for the medical and pharmaceutical industries in Russia. Both the strategy and the corresponding state investment program provide financial and ideological support for the domestic industry and create clear and transparent rules for market entry of international companies.

“One year has passed since we were last present at MEDICA and clear progress is visible in what Russian companies present. By starting our integration into the worldwide medical industry, we can now see major interest in our developments. With the support of this state program and cooperation with world’s leading companies, we are now able to create a modern industry that is serving not only the local Russian market but also the worldwide one. We are not looking to produce cheap analogues, but modern, yet affordable products that are in high demand,” said Sergei Tsyb, Director of the Department of Chemical Industries and Bio-Engineering Technologies.

OPEN RUSSIA DAY demonstrated Russia’s transparency and readiness for cooperation with the world’s scientific, pharmaceutical and medical device community and consisted of a series of events dedicated to the following topics: • The Russian medical device market– its structure and development pace

• State initiatives to attract investment and opportunities for international partnerships

• New rules for foreign investors looking to localize medical device production in Russia

• Streamlined procedures for market authorization of medical products and their circulation control

• Harmonization of the Russian and European legislation on product circulation, state procurement and the federal contract system

• Trends and experiences in the development of private medicine in Russia

• Presentations of Russian companies looking for export opportunities

• Experiences of working in Russia - partnership development

Another special session discussed common localization rules for production facilities in Russia for top foreign producers. This new strategic government document which is expected to be approved by the end of this year will provide the framework for foreign investors planning to set up ‘residency’ in Russia.

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