SkelRegen Continues to Gain Traction in Skeletal Tissue Regeneration

Published: Apr 02, 2013

WEST CHESTER, Pa., April 2, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- SkelRegen, LLC continues to lead the way in musculoskeletal tissue regeneration. SkelRegen Co-Founder and Chief Medical, Science & Technology Officer Scott D. Boden, MD, was part of a recent groundbreaking investigation conducted by the Atlanta Veterans Affairs Medical Center and Emory University School of Medicine. This study, published by The Journal of Bone and Joint Surgery was an in-depth examination of how a novel low-molecular-weight compound enhances ectopic bone formation and fracture repair.

The study was conducted to design and test small molecules that would enhance recombinant human bone morphogenetic protein-2 (rhBMP-2) responsiveness. The investigation used two models to test the ability of a small synthetic molecule to enhance bone formation in a rodent ectopic model and to determine whether an injection of that molecule accelerate callus formation in a rodent femoral fracture model. The final result showed that a single dose of the small molecule promoted bone healing in the ectopic model in conjunction with the occurrence of low-dose exogenous rhBMP-2, and in the femoral fracture model with the presence of only naturally occurring BMPs.

SkelRegen is the first company to focus on newly identified small molecules that target different aspects of the skeletal tissue formation pathway. The results of the study serves as further validation that by following established procedures, SkelRegen continues to build on its promise of being able to regenerate bone from scratch.

"While our work on skeletal tissue regeneration is far from complete, this study exemplifies that research is continuing and SkelRegen technology is at the forefront," said Stephen LaNeve, SkelRegen's Co-Founder and CEO. "Our partnership with Emory University makes it possible for us to be part of such revolutionary work."

Boden, SkelRegen's Co-Founder and Chief Medical, Science & Technology Officer said, "The process was long and arduous and would not have been possible without the computational design work of the Emory/VA team led by Sree Sangadala, PhD. But, ultimately these results further demonstrate how bone regeneration with small molecules will transform musculoskeletal care."

SkelRegen is the first company to identify not one, but multiple small molecules that are osteoinductive and target different aspects of the skeletal tissue formation pathway. All of the compounds are inexpensive to manufacture and many of the compounds are clear for other uses by the FDA, so they already have acceptable safety and toxicity profiles. SkelRegen is using innovation to simplify how medical professionals do their jobs and how patients receive care.

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