Sigma-Tau Pharmaceuticals Swiss Affiliate Switches to Cloud-based Veeva Systems, Inc. CRM and iRep to Support Customer-Centric Business Approach

Published: Mar 27, 2013

BARCELONA, Spain, March 27, 2013 — /PRNewswire/ --Pharmaceutical company, Sigma-Tau Pharma AG, has switched to a cloud-based CRM solution in a drive to build a more customer-centric organisation. The company's Swiss affiliate will now be using Veeva CRM, including iRep for the Apple iPad, to help build strong, long-term customer relationships.

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Veeva CRM helped to inspire Sigma-Tau to replace its old system by offering the company the flexibility it needed to keep up with its steady growth and the rapidly changing Swiss pharmaceutical marketplace. "From the initial presentation, it was clear that Veeva CRM offered everything we needed in a CRM solution," said Roland Brun, Sigma-Tau's general manager. "The company's agility, as well as its customer-centric approach and focus on Sigma-Tau's success, were also key factors in our decision."

With Veeva CRM, Sigma-Tau reps will now be able to target and segment customers more effectively. The cloud-based system will also give reps greater visibility to the preferences of the customers they are targeting, ensuring that they are always providing relevant and valuable information to maximise restricted face time with customers. This 360-degree visibility ensures that managers, too, can react more quickly if reps are not on track.

"In Switzerland, it's very difficult to access doctors," Brun explained. "We only get to see some physicians once or twice a year so it's critical that we offer them as much value as possible in every interaction. Veeva CRM will help ensure that reps are meeting with physicians as planned and enable reps to deliver more pertinent information on the graphics-friendly iPad to build long-term, personal relationships."

Sigma-Tau will also implement iRep, the first integrated CRM and closed loop marketing (CLM) solution specifically designed for the Apple iPad. By integrating CLM with the sales system, iRep will enable the company to seamlessly align sales and marketing strategies and execution. Sigma-Tau's reps will be able to quickly track customer interactions, allowing for a better understanding of which messages and marketing materials resonate best, to whom and when.

"With iRep, we can close the loop in marketing to ensure content is compelling and relevant, and also react quickly to messages that are not working well," Brun said. "We will have a better sense of what our customers need, which will help grow our business relationships…and our business."

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