RF Science and Technology, a Stalled Device Startup With Bloodless Glucometer Tech Seeks Biz Partners. Any Takers?

Published: Nov 08, 2012

RF Science and Technology has been battered by “a sordid history” of investor lawsuits, fired management and Chapter 11 bankruptcy, says former board member and current director of R&D Mark Iverson. Yet Iverson says the stalled, Reno, Nevada-based, start-up’s history should not tarnish what the company has been able to achieve on the technical side. Through testing on five diabetics, the company has shown that its bloodless glucometer technology has predictive accuracy over time, something that be says is considered the gold standard in glucose measurement. What’s more, because the glucometer uses the more mature, RF technology, instead of optical technology on which historical and current efforts at non-invasive glucose testing has been focused, the end product will be cheaper to build and rapidly scalable. With both technical and financial positives, all Iverson is looking for is a business partner that has the financial and technical wherewithal to make this product a commercial reality.

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