Retinal Biometric Firm Secures Series A Financing

Published: Sep 28, 2004

WALTHAM, Mass., Sept. 28 /PRNewswire/ -- Retica Systems, Inc. (Retica) and Sigma Partners, LLC recently closed a $2.5M Series A financing to fund the final development of a retinal biometric system, designed for use in a variety of Homeland Security and commercial security applications. Retinal identification, often confused with the less-precise iris identification process, has long been considered by experts to be the most accurate form of human biometric. Retica has created the first and only retinal biometric system utilizing state of the art digital technology.

Retica was founded by David Muller, PhD., the founder and CEO of Summit Technology Inc., the first company to obtain FDA approval for Laser Vision Correction. According to Dr. Muller, "We have brought together a core group of experienced entrepreneurs, technologists, and venture capitalists to launch Retica Systems, Inc. and its outstanding technology. There is currently no other company producing retinal biometric systems. Retica is well positioned to seize opportunities in a marketplace eager for improved security applications. I expect Retica to far surpass the success that we experienced at Summit."

The Retica system has been in development for more than five years. The Company has built prototypes that demonstrate the ability to easily and conveniently authenticate retinal images. The biometric field has recently seen a major growth in adoption and interest because of the worldwide need for higher levels of authentication in all areas of defense and commerce.

About Retica Systems, Inc.

Founded in 2001, Retica Systems, Inc. is the leader in retinal biometric technology. Headquartered in Waltham, Massachusetts, the Company has produced the first device to successfully exploit the full potential of the unique vessel pattern found at the posterior of the eye. By uniquely combining specialized aspheric optics, the physiologic optics of the eye and advances in LED and CCD technology, the Retica system is able to capture accurate images of the biometric pattern at distances up to 1 meter. The digitized output from the imaging device is then analyzed using Retica's proprietary and patented software protocol. The result is the most accurate biometric identification technology available today. The Retica system can be configured for portable or fixed applications and is insensitive to all environmental perturbations including the ambient light, thus making it ideal for almost all biometric applications. For more information, call 781-487-0424 or visit .

Retica Systems, Inc.

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