Ressourcenzentrum Fur Genomforschung To Distribute GeneCopoeia's OmicsLink(TM) Human Full Length ORF Clones In Europe

Published: Feb 09, 2005

GERMANTOWN, Md., Feb. 9 /PRNewswire/ -- GeneCopoeia, Inc. and Deutsches Ressourcenzentrum fur Genomforschung GmbH (RZPD) announced today that they entered into a partnership to distribute GeneCopoeia's seven sets of 16,000 human OmicsLink(TM) ORF expression clones in the region of EU Member States, and Norway, Switzerland, and Turkey. These seven sets of expression-ready clones contain full-length protein coding ORFs of human genes with various promoters, unique tags and other features that allow direct expression of proteins in E. coli, mammalian, yeast, insect cells and in vitro cell free translation systems. OmicsLink(TM) ORF expression clones also provide researchers with the capability of large-scale and high throughput analysis and understanding of the functions and behaviors of proteins for both in vivo and in vitro systems without doing any cloning work.

"This distribution partnership with RZPD provides us with the opportunity to strengthen our position in the Genomics and Proteomics research market in the EU member states," said Dr. Sun Lu, Executive Vice President of Business Development at GeneCopoeia, Inc. "RZPD is well known to be a premier provider of Genomics and Proteomcs tools and services including one of the most comprehensive collection of cDNA clones and the GenomeCube resource and knowledge database. OmicsLink(TM) ORF expression clones complement RZPD's portfolio very well. We fully expect that this distribution partnership will be beneficial to European users as well as to both organizations."

About RZPD:

RZPD is the largest service center for genome research in Europe. Based on the most comprehensive public clone collection worldwide, it provides high- quality research material, high throughput technology and automation solutions for academic institutions as well as for industrial applications. All material data available from RZPD is stored in a primary database and is cross-linked with records from other public sources.

About GeneCopoeia

Based in Maryland, USA -- a provider of high quality tools, innovative technologies and unique services for life sciences research. With world's largest collection of human ORF clones, including seven sets of OmicsLink(TM) expression clones and one set of Invitrogen Gateway(R) compatible shuttle clones, GeneCopoeia is in the unique position to provide solutions that can significantly accelerate Genomics and Proteomics research and development.

GeneCopoeia, Inc.

CONTACT: Dr. Martin Stock, Administrative Managing Director of RZPD,+49-30-32639-101, fax: +49-30-32639-111,; or Dr. Sun Lu,Executive Vice President of GeneCopoeia, Inc., +1-301-515-6982, fax:+1-301-515-6083,

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