Redtree People Launches its Learning Service With the Institute of Clinical Research

Published: Nov 18, 2011

November 2011 -- Redtree People and the Institute of Clinical Research (ICR) are to provide tailored training and education programmes to the growing community of independent freelance Clinical Research Professionals worldwide.

The imbalance in the supply and demand for skilled resources in the fields of Clinical Research has never been more acute than in the current marketplace.

As M&A consolidation activity continues across Pharma and CRO organisations, the knock on displacement of labour has accelerated the growing trend into freelance independent working amongst Clinical Research Professionals worldwide. Yet despite the increase in the relative supply and availability of resource, there remains a real need to access experienced and accredited skills in all geographies.

In response to this need, Redtree People is pleased to announce a working collaboration with the Institute of Clinical Research (ICR) to provide a programme of tailored learning and education that will serve Clinical Research job candidates with an internationally recognised standard of accreditation and certification. As a result, Sponsor hiring organisations will be assured of a ‘gold’ training standard from Clinical Research professionals’ carrying this benchmark as a guarantee of the highest levels of skills and operational excellence.

In turn it is hoped that Clinical Research Professionals’ will become more motivated to progress their own career development, thus improving their employment marketability within the sector.

The Redtree People/ICR tailored programme which includes 3 training packages around a core engagement bundle will provide industry learning and skills training, coupled with practical advice around how to transition into and prosper as a freelance Clinical Research Professional.

Together with the ICR, Redtree are offering an educational platform for the Clinical Research Professional community to extend their continuous professional development (CPD) from training in business, to maintaining Clinical Research regulatory awareness to accreditation via the ICR global GCP examination.

Paul Wathall, CEO of the Institute of Clinical Research said;

“Together with Redtree we will provide affordable training packages to freelancers, many of whom I imagine find the idea of staying up-to-date while running their own business and doing the day job really rather daunting. I think the unique aspect of this partnership is that together we can help these individuals to refocus and retrain while preparing them to function and compete more effectively in the market place.

”Sue Fitzpatrick, Head of Education and Training, Director of the Institute of Clinical Research commented; “We very much look forward to working with Redtree to provide its growing community of freelance contractors’ access and support to ongoing career learning and CPD”

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About Redtree

Redtree People is a new organisation set up to serve the interests of the emerging labour

market place for independent contractors in the Clinical Research space worldwide. It aims to help grow and assist with the career development of its registrants (Redtree People) to ensure they are best equipped for independent working and compliant in any demands required of them by Sponsor hiring organisations.

About ICR

The Institute of Clinical Research (ICR) was founded in 1978 as ACRPI (The Association of Clinical Research for the Pharmaceutical Industry). In 2000 it changed its status to become The Institute of Clinical Research and is well established as the largest professional clinical research body in Europe and India.

It is a not-for-profit organisation, guided by a Board of Directors who are elected by the membership and is based at its Head Office in Bourne End, Buckinghamshire, UK.

Members are engaged in all aspects of work in clinical research, both directly and in the support services.

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Media Contacts

Andrew Baillie; Sue Fitzpatrick

Release Dated 09.11.11

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