Prime National Publishing Corporation Release: New Journal Seeks To Educate The Medical Community On Use Of Powerful Opioid Painkillers

WESTON, Mass., Oct. 29 /PRNewswire/ -- Prime National Publishing Corporation, publishers of American Journal of Hospice and Palliative Medicine, today announced the launch of a new publication designed to meet the challenge faced by medical professionals as they prescribe opioids, those powerful, quality-of-life enhancing painkillers.

Journal of Opioid Management fills what's been called "a dangerous gap" in medical literature at a time when the Federal spotlight has been switched on to the rising problem of abuse and addiction tied to these prescription painkillers.

With an editorial staff and review board of the country's leading experts in the field and under the leadership of Editor-in-Chief Robert E. Enck, MD, Journal of Opioid Management will address all aspects of the use and safe management of opioids.

"It's like the Jekyll and Hyde story," said publisher Richard A. DeVito, Sr. "For all their value, the use of opioids has a dangerous dark side, misuse and increasingly frequent abuse.

"Our goal with this journal," he went on, "is to offer guidance to physicians and healthcare providers from the nation's foremost experts in how to safely prescribe and responsibly manage these drugs. And because there are legal ramifications, we will also have a team of defense and prosecution attorneys to discuss both sides of the abuse issue from a legal standpoint."

Available in January 2005, the premier issue of the bimonthly Journal of Opioid Management will include in-depth coverage of such topics as:

   -- Dosages and types of opioids, routes and intervals
   -- Patient profiles and interaction with opioids
   -- Seven sins that physicians commit when prescribing opioids
   -- Value of adjuvant analgesics
   -- Legal issues and the ongoing regulatory environment
   -- How and where to get help

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Contact: Richard A. DeVito, Sr. Prime National Publishing Company 781-899-2702

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CONTACT: Richard A. DeVito, Sr., of Prime National Publishing Company,+1-781-899-2702,

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