Lynbrook High School Junior Receives Science Award From MedImmune, Inc.

SANTA CLARA, Calif., April 12 /PRNewswire/ -- MedImmune, Inc. presented its "Advancing Science for Better Health" Award to Lynbrook High School junior Bryan Huh at the Santa Clara County Science Fair on April 2 in San Francisco, California. The award is designed to recognize the scientific work of a Santa Clara County high school junior or senior.

Employees from the Mountain View, California location of biotechnology company MedImmune, Inc. selected Huh's project titled, "Can we cook garlic and still retain its medicinal properties?" as the best example of the award's spirit and purpose from among entries submitted. The team of MedImmune judges reviewed individual projects in the fields of biochemistry, medicine and health, and microbiology. Criteria for evaluation included alignment with MedImmune core values, including an entrepreneurial spirit, high integrity, collaboration and a strong work ethic.

In addition to commissioning the special award, MedImmune was a sponsor at this year's science fair. "It was exciting to see young people who were interested in science," said Kutubuddin Mahmood, research scientist at MedImmune. "Bryan was selected because of his entrepreneurial spirit, which was evident in his project."

Huh's project studied whether or not cooked garlic loses its medicinal affect against helicobacter pylori and staphylococcus aureus. "I expected there to be a significant difference in the medicinal properties of cooked and raw garlic," said Huh. "The results indicated that cooked garlic retains its medicinal properties, which is good news for people who tend to cook with garlic rather than to eat it raw."

Huh hopes to attend Stanford or Brown University when he graduates in 2007. In addition to an award certificate and trophy, Huh received an offer for a six-week paid internship at MedImmune as the company's award winner. Huh commented, "It feels incredible to spend so many hours, days, and weeks on this project and to have it pay off. That day was definitely one of the most memorable in my life up to now, and I hope and plan to continue my passion and success in science in the future."

Toni Stiefel, director, community relations at MedImmune noted how the company's continued support of science and health education is expanding. "Advancing health and science education is a key objective for MedImmune. By supporting the science fair, we can participate in our local communities and, in the long-term, encourage students to pursue careers in science," she said. "This year MedImmune is sponsoring fairs in the four U.S. cities where the majority of our employees work and live. Each site's employees participate by serving as science fair judges and, subsequently, by mentoring a local student through the awarded internship. It's exciting to work on a corporate initiative that has such local relevance."

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