LMS Annual Shareholders Meeting

MONTREAL, Sept. 15 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ - LMS Medical Systems , a healthcare technology company and developer of the CALM(TM) system (Computer Assisted Labor Management), is pleased to announce that it held its annual shareholders meeting in Montreal on September 14, 2005. During the meeting, shareholders elected members of the board of directors who will serve until the next annual meeting.

Ms. Diane Cote, President and Chief Executive Officer of LMS, also provided shareholders in attendance at the meeting with a brief overview of the Company's corporate progress.

"With CALM 3.0 now available, LMS is well positioned to increase its install base and further relationships with the key stakeholders in obstetrics," stated Ms. Cote. "Fiscal 2006 will be an exciting period as we deliver to the marketplace new and exciting risk management tools such as Shoulder Screen and CALM Patterns."

LMS directors for the coming year are: Ms. Elaine Beaudoin, Vice President of Beaudier Inc.; Ms. Diane Cote, President and CEO of LMS; Mr. Terrance H. Gregg, former President of Medtronic Minimed Inc; Mr. Harry G. Hohn, former Chairman and CEO of New York Life; and Mr. Benoit La Salle, Chairman & CEO of Semafo Inc.

Subsequent to the meeting, the board of directors appointed the following persons to serve as officers of the Company: Mr. Benoit La Salle, Chairman of the Board; Ms. Diane Cote, President & Chief Executive Officer; Emily Hamilton M.D., Vice President; Mr. Yves Grou, Chief Financial Officer and Secretary; and Geoffrey Myers, Assistant Secretary.

About LMS: LMS Medical Systems is a leader in the application of advanced mathematical modeling and neural networks for medical use. The LMS Computer Assisted Labor Management product suite provides physicians, nursing staff and risk managers with innovative obstetrical decision support and risk management tools integrated into robust clinical information systems designed to improve outcomes and patient care for mothers and their infants during labor and delivery.

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