Kymab Access Launched to Facilitate Academic Translational Research Into Monoclonal Antibody Therapeutics

Published: Feb 05, 2013

Cambridge, UK, 4th -- February 2013: Kymab, a monoclonal antibody biopharmaceutical company, announced today that it has launched Kymab Access, an academic collaboration programme for the discovery and development of human monoclonal antibodies. Leading academic centres of excellence in translational medicine across the world will have the opportunity to evaluate new antibodies discovered on Kymab’s next generation antibody platform.

Through Kymab Access, academic groups can apply to collaborate with Kymab on the discovery and development of human therapeutic antibodies. Based on the academic group’s understanding of disease biology, Kymab will use its Kymouse™ technology to discover lead antibodies for evaluation by academic partners. The Kymouse™ platform comprises a series of transgenic human antibody mouse strains designed to generate high quality, fully human, therapeutic antibodies with minimal requirement for subsequent antibody engineering.

Kymab Access will operate as an independent affiliate of Kymab to ensure confidentiality of applications from academic groups. A committee of leading academic researchers has been established to oversee the review of applications. Further information on the programme can be found at

Andrew Sandham, Chairman & CEO of Kymab, said: “Through Kymab Access we are looking forward to collaborating with academic groups that are experts in the biology of human disease and translational medicine. Kymab is able to provide next generation human monoclonal antibodies to support these partnerships, in the quest to develop and commercialise innovative medicines.”

Sir Mark Walport, Director of the Wellcome Trust, said: “Our investment in Kymab has allowed technology initiated at the Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute to deliver a world -leading human antibody discovery platform. We are committed to realising broad application of this technology to advance medical research and improve health, including tackling rare diseases and those affecting people in low and middle-income countries, through academic collaboration and industrial innovation.”

About Kymab

Kymab is a “platform to product” biopharmaceutical company focused on the discovery and development of fully human monoclonal antibody drugs using its proprietary Kymouse™ transgenic antibody platform.

Kymouse™ has been designed to maximise the diversity of human antibodies produced in response to immunisation with antigens. Selecting from a broad diversity of fully human antibodies assures the highest probability of finding that rare drug candidate with best-in-class characteristics.

Founded in 2009, Kymab raised £20m of equity financing in 2010 from the investment division of the Wellcome Trust. It has an experienced management team with a successful track record in drug discovery and development.

About Kymab Access

Kymab Access is the portal for academic organisations to pursue translational discovery and development of novel therapeutic monoclonal antibodies using the Kymouse™ human antibody discovery platform. Kymab Access Limited is an independent ly managed company established solely for this purpose, with a confidentiality firewall between its operations and those of Kymab Limited, the originator of the Kymouse™ technology.

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