Kantar Health Launches CancerMPact® Future Trends and Insights Offer

Published: Apr 16, 2013

NEW YORK, April 16, 2013—Kantar Health, a leading global healthcare advisory firm, today announced the availability of CancerMPact® Future Trends and Insights, a new solution that explores potential changes in oncology treatment practices in the United States, Western Europe and Japan based on critical evaluation of recently published clinical data, regulatory advances/setbacks and ongoing clinical trials.

“Clinical development in oncology moves at a rapid pace, with new data, new trials, failures and successes occurring constantly,” General Manager Bill Bagwell said. “To improve the timeliness of our industry-leading information, we will provide updates throughout the year that will give our subscribers the context and implications behind clinical development; help them understand the potential developmental risks, threats and opportunities; and help them understand the size and nature of unmet needs.”

Future Trends and Insights combines the previous Emerging Technologies and Treatment Evolution offers of CancerMPact and provides expanded breadth and depth of oncology analysis and information, including:

• Competitive landscape discussions within each tumor and line of therapy

• Detailed summary of relevant clinical data and ongoing development strategies for each profiled competitor

• Kantar Health’s expert analysis of the outlook for each competitor, focusing on strengths and weaknesses both clinically and commercially

• New launch timelines for each indication, focusing on the entire competitive set, both pipeline and lifecycle management, providing a comprehensive understanding of the evolving landscape

• An indication matrix to highlight all tumors in which agents are being actively developed, focusing on the entire competitive set

• A mechanism of action (MOA) matrix to highlight which MOAs are being developed in each indication and across indications

“Kantar Health oncology experts offer commentary that goes beyond stated clinical trial results,” Bagwell said. “This updated offer explores likely competitor positioning strategies and likelihood of approval; sheds light on the potential trends and events that can pose threats to or opportunities for agents in development; and highlights opportunities for companies to develop new therapies.”

About CancerMPact®

CancerMPact® is an invaluable oncology decision support tool for market analysis, strategic planning and identification of commercial opportunities in the U.S., Western Europe, Japan and China. This tool is composed of web-based integrated modules: Treatment Practices and Evolution (Treatment Architecture and Future Trends and Insights), Patient Metrics, and Monthly Drugs and Regimens.

About Kantar Health

Kantar Health is a leading global healthcare advisory firm and trusted advisor to the world’s largest pharmaceutical, biotech, and medical device and diagnostic companies. It combines evidence-based research capabilities with deep scientific, therapeutic and clinical knowledge, commercial development know-how, and marketing expertise to help clients launch products and differentiate their brands in the marketplace.

Kantar Health deeply understands the influence of patients, payers and physicians, especially as they relate to the performance and payment of medicines and the delivery of healthcare services. Its 700+ healthcare industry specialists work across the product lifecycle, from pre-clinical development to launch, acting as catalysts to successful decision making in life sciences and helping clients prioritize their product development and portfolio activities, differentiate their brands and drive product success post-launch. For more information, please visit www.kantarhealth.com.

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