Inflammatory Breast Cancer Research Foundation Expands Collaboration With SIDMAP

LOS ANGELES, Jan. 11 /PRNewswire/ -- Citing opportunities for early detection and therapeutic target discovery not available with other techniques, the Inflammatory Breast Cancer Research Foundation (ibcRF) has selected SIDMAP, a drug development and drug testing company, to further expand its work in understanding biomarkers for inflammatory breast cancer.

Previously, Dr. Laszlo Boros, Associate Professor of Pediatrics at Harbor U.C.L.A. and one of the founders of SIDMAP, had worked with ibcRF to assist its efforts to better understand the disease and develop effective tools for early detection.

"We are very excited about our continued collaboration with Dr. Boros and his new company, SIDMAP," said Owen Johnson, President of ibcRF. "Dr. Boros' earlier work was so revealing that it made absolute sense to continue our support of his research to determine the underlying molecular cause -- and any potential therapeutic targets -- in inflammatory breast cancer."

SIDMAP's work will expand upon Dr. Boros' earlier discoveries which uncovered evidence that IBC cells produce substantial quantities of a metabolite -- a product of cell nutrition -- not produced by normal breast cells in measurable quantities.

"It may be that this substance can be detected in blood and urine samples of those with early stage inflammatory breast cancer, and if so, it could make possible early detection of this horrible disease," said Dr. Boros. There currently is no effective early detection test for IBC, and it can be easily missed by mammography or ultrasound even beyond early stages, since it seldom presents as a lump.

"A better understanding of that metabolite could also help doctors judge how well an IBC patient is responding to therapy, long before currently available techniques," noted Dr. Boros.

Early detection is especially important in IBC, because the disease is among the most aggressive of human cancers.

The expanded ibcRF-SIDMAP collaboration may also lead to the development of effective drugs to stop inflammatory breast cancer growth by disrupting the biochemical pathway its cells use to obtain the RNA and DNA that are needed for proliferation.


SIDMAP is a service based consulting and drug-testing company established by physicians with exclusive expertise in applying stable isotope tracer methodologies to acquire detailed understanding of human diseases and drug effects at the nano-scale level. The company uses its unique scientific expertise and technology in partnership with biomedical research and pharmaceutical companies to accelerate the drug discovery process and illuminate the pathway to greater discoveries. Stable isotope-based dynamic metabolic profiling provides researchers and drug developers with the data they need to make more informed decisions concerning the validity of potential drug targets and the efficacy of drug candidates. SIDMAP is headquartered in Los Angeles, Calif.

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