INCOM Inc. Announces License Agreement With Argonne National Laboratory

CHARLTON, Mass., April 17, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- INCOM Inc., headquartered in Charlton, Massachusetts, and The Argonne National Laboratory (ANL), Lemont, Illinois, jointly announced today that INCOM Inc. will develop and commercialize cost-effective and robust large-area microchannel plate (MCP) detectors under a license agreement finalized by ANL earlier this month.

Microchannel plate (MCP) detectors are used for detection of particles (electrons or ions) and impinging radiation (ultraviolet radiation and X-rays). This is a critical technology for a wide variety of imaging applications ranging from medicine and physics to national security.

According to Dr. Jeffrey W. Elam, ANL, "Our invention presents a cost-effective and robust route to fabricate large-area MCP detectors. We have combined two new technologies: 1) large-area capillary glass array plates developed by INCOM, and 2) atomic layer deposition (ALD) coatings developed at Argonne. When used together for high volume manufacturing, the MCP detector fabrication cost will be considerably reduced over conventional processes. This new fabrication technology will pave the way for the increased use of MCPs in a wide range of important applications."

Dr. Michael J. Minot, Director of Research and Development for INCOM summarizes some of the advantages of the Argonne/INCOM large-area MCPs compared to existing products: "One key advantage of our product compared to current technology is the much larger MCP area. We are currently manufacturing MCPs with an area of 64 sq. inches, which are the largest functioning MCPs to ever be produced. Until now, the largest commercially available MCPs have been 27 sq. inches. The larger areas provided by the Argonne/INCOM MCPs will facilitate new applications of MCPs including improved PET scanners for medical imaging and large-area neutron detectors to scan cargo rapidly for homeland security."

Recently appointed President & CEO of INCOM Inc., Michael A. Detarando, states, "INCOM is committed to developing products that will enable MCP technology to be used in applications never before thought possible. We are profoundly excited about the potential impact our partnership with Argonne will have on advancing new technologies in the fields of science, medicine, and national security."

Since its humble beginnings in 1971, INCOM, Inc. has grown from a fledgling startup with an entrepreneurial spirit into a world-class leader in fused fiber optics at the forefront of technology. Driven by a passion for innovation and excellence, INCOM today has a wide and loyal customer base spanning diverse markets from genetics to the military.


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