Hungarian Biotechnology Association – the Main Partner of BioForum 2013

Published: Oct 08, 2012

October 08, 2012 -- Quite recently, Central European region has regained freedom and undergone deep structural and social changes. Our common objective is to converge with the Western world’s development in terms of technology, bioeconomy and the standard of living.

Innovation and Biobusiness - these are the two main drivers of the modern economy. In Central & Eastern Europe, bioindustry is formed by small and medium sized companies (SMEs). The global biobusiness scene is not yet a levelled playing field for the majority of SMEs from our region. CE region has to develop and sell innovative bioproducts instead of providing demand for foreign blockbusters. Therefore, we have to create an ecosystem that will stimulate a quick and sustainable growth for our companies and thereby prepare them to enter the global market with a strong, proprietary offer. To companies that are willing to enter this path, we address the idea of BioForum.

BioForum aims to create an effective market for biotechnology services and R&D partnerships within the Central and Eastern Europe region. A market that will provide opportunities to better exploit the local talent and resources. During the BioForum event, companies are able to communicate with investors and scientists from the CEE region, where everyone can offer equal terms for partnership. So far, the established partnerships have quickly translated into economic benefits.

Moreover BioForum is a great opportunity for companies from around the world looking for possibility to cooperate in the CE region. At one place at one time it is likely to get to know with potential of CE emerging market.

Bio-Tech Consulting (the main organizer of the event) and Hungarian Biotechnology Association joined forces and together are going to organize the 12th edition of BioForum in Budapest. We do have to find as many fields of cooperation as possible, to become visible for the big biotech companies and countries. BioForum makes it possible for the companies and institutions of the CE countries to discover possible fields of cooperation, to start joint research, to offer service-packages, to exchange specialists, etc.” – says Veronika Katona, Project Manager at HBA.

BioForum Organizer decided to organize the event in Hungary in 2013, because they see it as an emerging market. „It is not comparable to any of the big biotech countries (USA, China, Western European countries) however it has a strong potential to become a well-known biotech country at European level. Some of the Hungarian companies are world-leaders in their – mostly niche – markets. The country has good educational background to train more ambitious and stable companies. All of these requires a well-organized cooperation among different actors of the industry (government, companies, educational and research institutions, etc.) and we still have a lot to learn.” – adds Katona.

The Hungarian Biotechnology Association (HBA) was established by Hungary's leading life sciences companies in 2003. The main objective of the organization is to create an alliance that unites the voices and interests of companies, researchers, academic institutions and related organizations to provide them with shared services, advocacy, and help in finding success and opportunities in the field of life sciences. Through its various national and international projects, the organization also intends to improve and shape the public understanding of biotechnology, promote the safe and ethical use of biotechnological innovations and educate the future generation of biotechnology managers.

BioForum - Central European Forum of Biotechnology & Innovative BioEconomy together with accompanying events will be held on 22-23rd of May, Budapest, Hungary.

The main organizer of BioForum is Bio-Tech Consulting (


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