Health Line Clinical Laboratories Release: Revolutionary Bio-Safety Needle Design Submitted For US Patent

BURBANK, Calif., Jan. 12 /PRNewswire/ -- Roman Vladimirsky, M.S.M.E., guided by consultation with Health Line Clinical Laboratories, Inc., has filed a US utility patent application for a uniquely-designed retractable hypodermic needle on December 15, 2004. This revolutionary bio-safety needle will:

   *  eliminate accidental needle-stick injuries through its blunt-point
      cannula design;

   *  facilitate exquisitely simple safe disposal (no recapping required);

   *  provide user-friendly implementation (one-hand activation) with no
      separate movement required to deploy the needle tip;

   *  provide for zero wasted space (no residual volume), yielding sizeable
      savings in the efficiency of medication delivery;

   *  furnish improved child and compromised adult patient safety through
      elimination of choking risk by eliminating the need for a separate
      needle cap;

   *  significantly reduce packaging costs through elimination of the
      requirement for a solid needle cap;

   *  be used with standard syringes, IV catheters and phlebotomy collection
      devices, and

   *  offer a profoundly cost-effective design, being composed of
      four inexpensive parts, offering health care providers worldwide new
      cost-reduction opportunities.

The current worldwide market for safety syringes/needles is estimated to exceed $15 billion annually, with an estimated $3 billion in the US alone. Development of this bio-safety needle will present a profound opportunity to significantly reduce both the risks of needle-stick injuries and simultaneously reduce costs and improve efficiency in hypodermic administration activities. The developers seek potential partners in hypodermic medical device manufacturing, finance and/or venture capital funding to expedite continued development. Qualified interested parties should contact Mr. Roman Vladimirsky at the contact number above.

About Roman Vladimirsky:

Mr. Vladimirsky holds a Master of Science Degree in Mechanical Engineering from Kiev University in Russia and has been a member of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers since 1981. His mechanical engineering experience in the United States includes tool design and fabrication, manufacturing research and development for Douglas Aircraft, the Boeing Corporation and Walt Disney Imagineering. Mr. Vladimirsky is an FDA-registered developer of safety medical devices and has amassed many health care related safety device design patents over the past ten years.

About Health Line Clinical Laboratories

Health Line is the largest privately-held full-service clinical laboratory provider in California. Health Line is accredited by the College of American Pathologists and is a Molecular Center of Excellence as designated by Roche Molecular Diagnostics, worldwide patent holder for polyermase chain reaction (PCR), the most widely used genomic testing technology in the world today. From its central laboratory facility in Burbank, California, Health Line serves the clinical and anatomic testing needs of hospitals, physicians' offices and medical clinics throughout California and in selected areas of Arizona.


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CONTACT: Roman Vladimirsky, +1-323-851-0224

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