Gruenenthal Group Issues Apology Over Birth Defects Tied to Thalidomide

Published: Sep 04, 2012

CEO of Gruenenthal Group Harald Stock has this Friday owed an apology to all thalidomide survivors, since the drug was manufactured by the company and had caused millions to die too, as per a recent report. The apology is being seen after more than half a century, which came during the revelation of a haunting statue. Since, the statue honours victims of thalidomide, the chief executive probably found it the right event to apologize to all patients. The drug was introduced in the late 1950s for being prescribed to pregnant women, the report reveals. Though, the same was largely marketed too until the early 1960s. It was noted that with curing morning sickness or anxiety of expecting women, it was leading to limb deformities in newborns and sometimes in miscarriages.

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