GeneCopoeia Announces The Immediate Release Of Two New Sets Of More Than 15,000 Unique Full Length ORF Expression Clones Of Human Genes

Published: Dec 09, 2003

FREDERICK, Md., Dec. 9 /PRNewswire/ -- GeneCopoeia, Inc., with the largest collection of full length coding Open Reading Frame (ORF) clones, announces today the immediate release of two brand new sets of more than 15,000 OmicsLink(TM) human ORF clones in vectors containing T7 and CMV promoters, respectively. These two sets of clones contain the full length ORFs of human genes from start to stop codons and are constructed from a collection of carefully curated and verified human full length cDNAs. These clones offer the advantages of allowing the direct expression of proteins in E. coli, mammalian cells or in vitro cell-free translation systems, as well as easy transfer of ORFs to other vector systems. The proteins produced from these two sets of clones also contain unique tags that enable and facilitate the further down-stream functional analysis and uses of expressed proteins. OmicsLink(TM) clones also meet the need in Integrated and System Biology research with automatic platforms used in protein crystallization to solve x- ray structure, drug target validation, drug screening and reverse transfection to deliver large numbers of genes into desired cell lines.

"Together with our previously released full length ORF Clones of human genes in a non-expressing vector for other utilities in OMICS arena, the new release of OmicsLink(TM) expression clones completes the full spectrum of utilities from nucleic acid analyses to functional proteomics research. Our website interface and physical OmicsLink(TM) Expression Clones permit scientists to find and use genes as easily as using a computer with a new click function," said Shuwei Yang, President of GeneCopoeia. "GeneCopoeia is committed to its continuing effort of collecting and cloning the complete set of full length coding ORFs in the entire human genome."

Product Availability

OmicsLink(TM)-Expression Clones are available via the web at and developed to fulfill the needs of the biomedical and pharmaceutical research community. Each clone undergoes a stringent series of quality control steps throughout the manufacturing process to ensure that the clone is correct and that the right clone is shipped to every customer.

About GeneCopoeia

Founded in 1999, GeneCopoeia, together with a joint venture, FulenGen, has a mission to be the premier provider of high quality products, innovative technologies and unique services for gene discovery and product development.

GeneCopoeia, Inc.

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