Four Rivers Software Announces An Interface From TMS To The medTester 5000C From Fluke Biomedical

PITTSBURGH, Jan. 31 /PRNewswire/ -- Four Rivers Software Systems, Inc., the provider of TMS, the leading maintenance management software (EAM/CMMS) system for the healthcare industry, announced the availability of the TMS medTester Interface.

The medTester 5000C interface integrates TMS, and medTester 5000C, the leading automated electrical safety and biomedical performance analyzer from Fluke Biomedical Corporation.

This interface addresses the needs of biomed departments and increases the value of both products by eliminating duplicate data entry and the possibility of data errors during the testing process. The interface enables paperless periodic maintenance (PM) work orders. Test instructions are sent from TMS to the medTester. Formatted test results are sent directly from the medTester to TMS and stored in the equipment records. Other features include:

- Standardized checklists and check items for common devices - Create and complete PM work orders from medTester - Charge time to work orders from medTester - Automatic PM work order closure when passing tests results are received The TMS medTester Interface ensures data integrity in three ways: 1) Eliminates duplicate data entry through paperless PM work orders 2) Verifies all data sent by the medTester 5000C is received and recorded by TMS before being cleared from medTester 5000C memory 3) Pre-processes test results files providing automated data integrity checking by TMS

"They've developed a robust and complete bi-directional interface. The most significant new feature I've seen in the interface is the verification that all uploaded data has been received by the CMMS. This eliminates the possibility of the inadvertent loss of test results," said Mike Gross, Product Manager, Fluke Biomedical.

"The medTester interface is intended to increase the accuracy and timeliness of information by removing paper from the work order process. This, along with several other products we will introduce this quarter, will enable our customers to re-engineer their CM/PM processes for significant efficiency gains," said Henry Wilde, CEO of Four Rivers.

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