Firefly BioWorks Releases Expanded Multiplexed microRNA Assay

Published: Mar 21, 2013

CAMBRIDGE, Mass.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Today Firefly BioWorks announces the expansion of its microRNA assay, FirePlex® miRSelect, from a maximum of 23 multiplexed microRNAs to 68. “The expanded capability of miRSelect will resonate with researchers looking to validate early discovery studies on statistically significant numbers of samples. This latest version of miRSelect is an important step toward our mission of enabling all scientists to engage those ambitious explorations that are considered too expensive, labor intensive or time consuming with existing technology,” says Dr. Davide Marini, co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of Firefly BioWorks. The expanded Firefly platform allows for rapid and cost-effective testing of large numbers of samples across more microRNA targets than ever before. In addition to validation studies, miRSelect is applicable to a broad array of research areas, including biomarker discovery, translational research, developmental biology and model organism research.

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