eXeTek Ltd Launches CyMek Software Developer Kit

Published: Nov 16, 2010

Bedford, UK, 9th November 2010: eXeTek Ltd (eXeTek), a leading provider of flexible, ready-to- run, automation and software for molecular biology and protein expression, has launched the CyMek Software Developer Kit (CyMek SDK), a new software pack that enables integration of the Company’s range of CyMek automation platforms with laboratories’ existing LIMS systems. This will allow customers to benefit from the CyMek automation, while using all the features of their existing LIMS.

eXeTek’s CyMek platforms are a range of easy-to-use automation solutions for molecular and cell biology processes including Gateway®, Klenow treatment, ligation, PCR, QuikChange®, restriction digest, SAP treatment and TOPO® cloning, cell harvest, lysis, culture inoculation, induction and transformation, and purification of proteins, DNA and plasmids. The CyMek range of platforms is a series of six levels of automation, designed to meet different customer needs, from simple small-footprint entry-level liquid handlers through to fully featured systems. CyMek systems save laboratories time and labour costs, while increasing productivity and traceability.

Laboratories are increasingly dependent on LIMS systems and electronic notebooks to coordinate and track research. It is important to ensure that automation systems are integrated into the workflow to maintain data integrity. The newly launched CyMek SDK enables customers to integrate their existing laboratory management and tracking software quickly and seamlessly with the CyMek automation. Protocols can be issued to the automation without the need for script editing and programming. The software will also benefit existing CyMek customers, enabling them to leverage their current systems.

Commenting on the launch, Stuart Hill, Director of eXeTek Ltd said “CyMek SDK has been created in response to customer feedback. It is important to customers to be able to work with their own existing LIMS, retaining the features whilst integrating automation. With the CyMek SDK customers can benefit from the CyMek automation, while gaining the most value from their existing LIMS.”

The CyMek SDK is based on standard open interfaces, including XML.

Product images are available upon request.

'Gateway' and 'TOPO' are registered trademarks of Invitrogen Corp. 'QuikChange' is a registered trademark of Stratagene in the United States.

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eXeTek Ltd is a leading provider of flexible, ready-to-run, automation and software for molecular biology and protein expression. Founded in 2008 eXeTek brought together expertise in laboratory automation, software development and user experience engineering. eXeTek products are focussed on ease-of-use and rapid implementation whilst providing the flexibility required by today’s fast moving laboratory environment. The CyMek product family is helping scientists automate the gene to protein pipeline across a range of application areas including drug discovery and biofuel research.

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