Endox LLC Announces The U.S. Release Of Its Visu-Loc 5MM Endoscopic Clip Applier

JACKSONVILLE, Fla., Feb. 25 /PRNewswire/ -- Gyrx LLC and Endox LLC, its wholly owned endoscopic subsidiary, announced the U.S. release of its Visu-Loc 5mm endoscopic clip applier.

Visu-Loc is used in general surgery to ligate the cystic duct during laparoscopic cholestectomy procedures. While also used in GYN and urological procedures, the clip's technology allows its ligation force to remain constant, especially on shrinking tissue.

"The many special features and benefits of both our clip and its delivery system offer surgeons a compelling product alternative while improving patient outcomes such as better cosmesis and less pain," said Sharon Dennis, Endox's president. "This U.S. introduction has been extremely well received and will lead to our international product release next month."

The Visu-Loc patent-pending titanium clip is a leading breakthrough in clip technology. The clip is pre-formed in a closed state allowing the legs to be under tension or pre-load. The clip's ligation force is developed by the coil in the rear of the clip, allowing the clip to be placed onto tissue without being dependant on the applier's jaw force. Since the clip is pre- formed, the clip is delivered through a 5mm trocar port while offering a 13% longer clip compared to clips from 10mm devices. The disposable multi-fire applier contains 20 clips. Each applier is packaged at six per box.

The Gyrx research and development team spent two years, with global surgeon input, designing Visu-Loc. From the surgeons' point of view, the Visu- Loc clip easily ligates the most robust cystic duct. Moreover, the clip is easily visualized in the jaw during the ligation process, allowing for accurate tissue placement.

The Visu-Loc will be exhibited at the Society of American Gastrointestinal Endoscopic Surgeons (SAGES) meeting April 13-16 in Ft. Lauderdale, FL.

About Gyrx LLC:

Gyrx, headquartered in Jacksonville, Florida, was established in 2003 with a mission to develop and manufacture innovative medical devices for worldwide use. The company has developed scaleable ligation clip technology that will improve surgical outcomes. For further information, visit the website http://www.gyrx.com/ . For investor relations, please contact:

Bill Dennis President/CEO (904) 641 2599 About Endox LLC:

Endox was established to market and sell leading endoscopic products worldwide. For further information, visit the website at http://www.endoxllc.com/ .

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