CyraCom International Named Winner Of 2004 InfoWorld 100 Award

TUCSON, Ariz., Jan. 5 /PRNewswire/ -- CyraCom International, the country's leading provider of language services to the health care industry, has received the 2004 InfoWorld 100 award for its enhanced Transparent Language Services system.

"The InfoWorld 100 recognizes companies that have made the most creative use of cutting-edge technologies to meet their business and technical objectives," said Eric Knorr, executive editor at large for InfoWorld.

The system, which is powered by the Envox 6 Communications Development Platform from Envox Worldwide and speech recognition technology from Nuance Communications, helps health care providers more accurately diagnose and care for limited-English speaking patients.

This award-winning technology significantly reduces the time, cost, and complexity of using voice interpreters over the phone. With this new system in place, health care providers can simply speak the name of the language they require and be quickly connected to medical interpreters with the appropriate language skills. Previous systems required workers to look up a three-digit language code and manually type the entry into the system taking critical time away from patient care. In addition, the new technology automatically lines up interpreters in the provider's legacy pattern of language requests.

CyraCom won the InfoWorld 100 Award largely because this capability enabled it to process interpretation requests 50 percent faster and reduce associated operating costs by 23 percent.

"This award recognizes CyraCom's ability to develop and blend technologies to serve our business goal: quality language services delivery," says CyraCom CEO, Michael D. Greenbaum.

About CyraCom International

CyraCom International pioneered the development of "transparent" multilingual interpretation and translation services, and specializes in providing these services to the health care industry, where precision and cultural accuracy are vital. CyraCom's Transparent Language Services go beyond simpler forms of interpretation by recognizing that truly effective communication requires the speakers' intent, tonality, cultural perspective and idiom be imparted along with their words.

The company provides a complete spectrum of communication services in more than 150 languages. Interpretation is available telephonically (over standard phone lines using the company's patented telephone technology). It also offers translation, training, qualification and assessment services. All of CyraCom's communication specialists are trained in medical terminology and concepts, enabling CyraCom to better meet the critical needs of health care professionals. For more information, call 800-713-4950 or visit

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CyraCom International

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