credentis ag Release: The Canary System® Is Suitable To Demonstrate And Monitor The Regression Of Natural White Spot Lesions When Treated With Curodont™ Repair

Published: Mar 21, 2014

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March 21, 2014 -- Researchers based at Quantum Dental Technologies Inc., Canada, and the University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio, USA, have demonstrated that the remineralisation of natural buccal caries lesions induced by Curodont™ Repair and the regression of those lesions can be detected and monitored by The Canary System® and The Canary Lab. The data have been presented at the American Association of Dental Research (AADR) conference in Charlotte, USA.

About Curodont™ and the Curolox™ Technology

The patented Curolox® Technology is based on peptides self-assembling into a 3-dimensional matrix, triggering biomimetic mineralisation and repair. The core technology is the basis for all innovative credentis products.

Curodont™ Repair provides dentists with a non-invasive option for natural mineralisation rather than classical repair of carious lesions. Applied to an early lesion, Curodont™ Repair forms a scaffold within the lesion to allow new hydroxyapatite (tooth mineral) crystals to form and grow. Ideally, the lesion will mineralise within several weeks. This effect is observed in a growing number of patients both in clinical studies and daily practice settings. Curodont™ Repair shows tremendous potential in the treatment of early dental caries.

Curodont™ Protect uses the Curolox® Technology to protect the tooth surface from acid attack and to treat unpleasant tooth sensitivity.

credentis, with its regenerative product line, supports the trend towards prevention and early treatment. The ultimate goal is to prevent caries through the use of its regenerative solutions, and frequent recalls by dentists and hygienists.

About credentis ag

credentis ag is headquartered in the Technopark, Aargau, Switzerland. credentis has won multiple awards as well as support from organizations such as Genilem. Public grants include Swiss National Fund, Aargauer Forschungsfond in collaboration with the FHNW School of Life Sciences in Muttenz and the Medical Technologies IKC with the University of Leeds.

Dr. Dominik Lysek, CEO and Michael Hug, CTO have a strong track record in science, development and medical technology, with focus in the dental industry. credentis board members Dr. Werner Berner, Dr. Michael Peetz and Dr. Erich Platzer (chairman), contribute their pharma, medtech and dental industry expertise.

About The Canary System®

The Canary System and Canary Lab are part of the product line developed by Quantum Dental Technologies Inc in Toronto, Canada. Powered by PTR-LUM energy conversion technology, these systems can detect and monitor changes in the crystal structure of a tooth caused by caries (tooth decay), erosion or cracks. The Canary System is currently being sold and used in dental practices to detect and monitor tooth decay – from the earliest white spot to larger advanced lesions on all tooth surfaces and around the margins of restorations. The Canary Lab offers non-destructive, longitudinal imaging and quantification of mineral changes in crystal structure on smooth tooth surfaces. With the proficiency of The Canary Lab, demineralization and remineralization studies using the same sample can be accurately performed, reducing the influence of inter-sample biological variability.

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