CPR Pharma Services New Facility Strengthens Asia's Clinical Trials Offering

Published: Mar 26, 2013

Having launched Singapore’s first bio-analytical laboratory last year, CPR Pharma Services continues to make the Asia-Pacific (APAC) region a global hub for clinical trials by launching its ligand binding assay service for large molecules to complement its existing lab services focused on small molecules.

The new laboratory, in Adelaide, Australia now offers best practice ligand binding assay services for biomarkers, monoclonal antibodies, biosimilars and biologics in early and late phase clinical trials – the first APAC based laboratory to offer such an extensive range of GLP services, according to CPR’s CEO, Jason Valentine.

The new Large Molecule Immunochemistry Analytical Service will be run by Mr John Chappell, a leading expert in ligand binding assay development, validation and implementation in the drug development arena. Mr Chappell is a member of the AAPS Committee that is preparing white papers on biosimilar bioanalytical support i.e. Pharmacokinetic analysis and Immunogenicty assessments. In addition he has worked – for over 20 years – with CROs such as Covance, ClinTrials BioResearch (CTBR acquired by Charles River), BAS Analytics, Veeda and ICON. According to Mr Valentine “Johns appointment with CPR will bring unparalleled expertise in Biologic and Biosimilar assay development and validation to the Asia/Pacific region.”

With the launch of the new large molecule facility CPR’s services and expertise now include;

? Unparalleled expertise in ligand binding assays development in the region

? Experts in the validation requirements for ligand binding assays

? World leader in requirements of Biosimilar analysis

? Biomarker and Monoclonal antibody analysis for clinical trials

According to Mr Valentine, monoclonal antibodies, proteins, biologics and biosimilars are the new growth areas in drug development and will progressively occupy a larger share of drugs developed globally. “Couple this with the increased emphasis on biomarker monitoring in clinical trials and large molecule quantification is critical to any modern bioanalysis laboratory,” he said.

“However, CPR has held off on moving into this space until we found the expertise that would do justice to our philosophy to only offer services when we have industry leading expertise . CPR now has that expertise in John Chappell, who has commenced building a world class team within our Adelaide laboratory. “

Mr Valentine added that CPR is unique in the region in providing CRO Services coupled with the advantage of full GLP bio-analytical services.

According to Mr Valentine several of CPR’s existing clients, have already expressed interest in the new services being offered by CPR. “CPR is well positioned as an early phase specialist CRO to access this portion of the market from both existing and new clients. The addition of this service to the already successful and expanding bio-analytical service currently offered by CPR will further enhance our appeal to potential clients who are developing large molecule technology and want to take advantage of the benefits of the region,” he said.

“CPR is in a unique position as the only company in Australia to offer the full compliment of assay development service combined with standard CRO services.”

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