ClearCube Technology Partners With EnovateIT For Mobile, Wireless Healthcare Solutions

AUSTIN, Tex., Jan. 31 /PRNewswire/ -- ClearCube Technology, the market leader and pioneer in PC blade computing, today announced that it has partnered with EnovateIT LLC, a division of Stinger Industries, to deliver a wireless mobile workstation for doctors and nurses. John C. Lincoln Health Network, a hospital that has always used the leading edge of technology to deliver the best possible patient care, is the first to deploy the new solution.

"With the increase in deployments of clinical applications within the healthcare environment, the need for client computing at the bedside has grown dramatically. ClearCube addresses the core challenges facing mobile computing in healthcare, including extended battery life, form factor (size and weight), security and client support," said Fred Calero, vice president of EnovateIT. "By partnering with ClearCube, EnovateIT is now able to meet our clients' most demanding requirements. The suite of products pioneered by ClearCube has changed the landscape of clinical mobile computing."

John C. Lincoln Health Network was using mobile computing workstations with laptop computers but faced high theft rates and greater vulnerability to breaches of patient security. Replacing the laptop on a mobile cart, EnovateIT and ClearCube have jointly developed a mobile cart with a ClearCube I/Port, providing users with the same computing environment and safeguarding patient data in a secure data center, rather than on a vulnerable desktop or laptop.

The new solution also enables HIPAA compliance by not allowing any information to be stored on the local device. All data remains on the hard drives in a secure data center. Users are not able to load software locally through floppy and CD drives, John C. Lincoln Health Network's largest method of computer virus outbreaks. Additionally, the I/Port draws about half the power of a laptop, takes less space, lasts twice as long and is half the cost.

"Our doctors and nurses appreciate the space savings of PC blades and the fact that there was no training needed. I immediately saw an 80 percent reduction in calls to the help desk and a 95 percent reduction in the time it took to fix a problem," said Rob Israel, CIO of John C. Lincoln Health Network. "We're increasing the number of beds and computers but we won't have to add any IT staff. We're also planning to continue our refresh cycle with PC blades. In fact, users that are still on traditional computers are asking when they'll be ClearCubed."

The ClearCube solution removes the traditional PC from the care environment. The traditional PC is replaced by a PC blade that allows the hard drive of the computer to be centralized in a secure data center, while a small user port is placed on a mobile computing workstation. By using wireless connectivity there are no cables or moving parts and nurses are able to move the computer from room to room without being tethered to a wall. The ClearCube user port is battery-powered with a battery life double that of laptop computers used previously at John C. Lincoln Health Network.

"John C. Lincoln is like many of the hospitals that we work with. They want the ability to access critical information quickly and accurately from anywhere in the hospital, but the ability to access this information has created serious security risks and raises health concerns," said Carl Boisvert, president and CEO of ClearCube Technology. "By partnering with EnovateIT, we are able to provide a very secure, wireless mobile computing solution that puts the ability to access information at the fingertips of care providers while maintaining the highest levels of security and contaminant control."

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ClearCube Technology is the pioneer and market leader in PC blade computing solutions. ClearCube enables customers to reduce their support costs while dramatically improving availability and security throughout their computing infrastructure all while improving the end-user's experience.

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